Boy Knits!

I started knitting when the Princess was a baby. Girl knits. Which are totally fun, don’t get me wrong. I knit bonnets and booties and shrugs and sweaters. Then along came the next baby, a girl. More pink knits were churned out. Another baby, another girl. I got really good at ruffles and lace. Yet another baby was born, and, you guessed it, another girl. Girlie knit after girlie knit. It does eventually get old.

And then came Little Man. A boy. After five daughters in a row, I got another son. And the knitting is SO. MUCH. FUN.

There are cabled pullovers!


There are vests and bowties!


There are boyish versions of the vertebrae cardigan!


There is argyle!


There are board shorts!


And not a ruffle, not a hint of pink, not a smidgen of lace anywhere in sight!


I am enjoying this knitting so much! I am dreaming of little old man sweaters and newsies caps for this winter. Of course, the girls are still getting their frills. But oh boy! I get to knit for a baby boy!

The only downside is that there are far fewer patterns for boys than there are for girls, and a huge majority of boy knits are actually unisex. I get it. Girls are so much easier to design for and can wear both girlie and non-girlie things. But I adore the boyish boy stuff.

What are your favorite boy patterns? Got any good ones that I should make for this Little Man?

I haven’t forgotten about The Boy, of course, but you should know that The Boy is becoming quite a man, with feet larger than mine and shoulders as broad as his father! The last thing I knit for him was fingerless gloves, and he loves them. But not so fun for me. Haha!


3 thoughts on “Boy Knits!

  1. For boys I like making cardigans in a houndstooth check design. I sort of made up my own pattern, but any standard one you have will do. The houndstooth design is a two color 4 by 4 stitch.

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