On Needles and the Storage Thereof

Always in search of the perfect storage solutions for my many knitting supplies (and everything else in my house, for that matter!), I recently stumbled upon the Holy Grail of Knitting Needle Storage. And I found it in the strangest place (not that this place is strange, I just didn’t expect to find anything for my particular hobby there).

Long, long ago, I designed and implemented what I called The Ultimate, Super Awesome, Amazing Knitting Needle Case of Glory, but it was a bit cumbersome. Very rarely was I motivated to put needles away because of it’s complicatedness. I ended up throwing needles into a basket and only when I couldn’t find any needles for a new project would I get them all out with my handy-dandy needle sizer and file them all away again. It would get pretty messy. I needed something easier. And more portable. My USAAKNCofG was basically a filing system and had to be kept in a large box.

Then one day, I saw it. I was reading a thread in a knitting forum about needle storage and there it was. The perfect solution. I wish I could remember who I should credit for this genius idea, and if it was you, give me a holler and I will publicly thank you right here. Because this was a life changer.

Folks, meet my new Ultimate, Super Awesome, Amazing Knitting Needle Case of Glory!


It’s a worm binder for fishermen and I got it from Bass Pro Shop of all places! But check it out:


The double binder has plenty of room for all of my knitting needles. I used a label maker to label each page and just threw in all of the needles of that size. (Only my straights don’t fit inside, but I almost never use those and they serve as more of a decoration than a tool. I have them in a vase on top of the yarn cabinet.)


On the inside of the cover are even more pockets and straps for various other things – needle sizers, cables, stitch markers, and more.



The front has a Bass Pro Patch that I covered up with the cutest patch I found on Etsy. Laura Mate Designs is my go to shop for embroidered things – project bags especially, but also patches on the rare occasion that I need them. She has the cutest stuff! The patch I chose almost covers it, but I don’t mind the little bit peeking out. I don’t even see it anymore. I glued it on instead of trying to stitch it. I’m quite pleased with the results!


So, there it is. Glorious, right? And the best part is that I actually use it. When I am done with a knitting project, it is so easy to just slip the needles back into their place.

How do you store your needles?

4 thoughts on “On Needles and the Storage Thereof

  1. I used to have a Bait bag from Bass Pro, but it was when I had a huge collection of fixed circa and DPNs. I now use interchangeables and just modified a tablet case by adding sewn pockets for the tips and cables. Too cheap to buy a ChiaoGoo case. LOL!

    • I can’t imagine thinning out my collection of needles to fit anything smaller. I’ve got several brands of every kind of needle in most sizes! I collect needles almost as avidly as I collect yarn!

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