The Stash, Tools, and Books Get Organized

One of the hardest parts of living in a remodel project (aside from cooking for a family of nine with no pantry and only two square feet of counter space) is not knowing where anything is. We pulled the floor out of our kitchen, living room, laundry room, and dining room and everything that was there got moved to the back deck. Well, everything except the knitting stuff. That all got bagged up in great big, black trash bags and piled in my bedroom. It seems a little ironic or cruel that all of this upheaval happened to the stash the very same month that I also lost my digital stash organization on Ravelry!

And so knitting became very chaotic. New projects were almost impossible to start, having no idea where any particular yarn was hiding and in which trash bag, and old projects were just as lost in the giant pile of knitting paraphernalia that occupied most of my bedroom floor for about an eternity. But no more! Ladies and Gentlemen…. we have a living room floor! YAY!

And the first order of business was to organize my hobby and get my bedroom back! Not only did everything need to be put away, but I figured I’d take the time to photograph and reorganize an inventory while I was at it. The Munchkin helped me immensely. We pulled each skein out of its bag, photographed it, rebagged it in a new bag if needed, and stashed it safely back into the yarn cabinet. It was her idea to sort by color and I really like the results!

IMG_1192 2-resized

I stacked two of those cube shelves from Walmart to give me some more room and I just love how it looks all together! Here is the annotated picture to give you a tour of it all.

Version 2

We didn’t get all the yarn photographed, yet, and those are just shoved on the bottom shelf of the cabinet. Sigh. I could just sit and gaze at it all day long!

Now, however, I have all of these pictures to figure out what to do with! There are HUNDREDS of them!

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 1.23.38 PM-resized

I guess when I finish with my pattern spreadsheet, I’ll start on a yarn inventory.

Going through all of this yarn in one giant, wooly smorgasbord of a stash tossing was actually really fun. Rediscovering some of this yarn was like running into an old friend, and inspiration was running wild through my brain. If only I had endless amounts of time and energy to just knit it all up into beautiful things! There is so much yarny goodness in my newly organized, totally awesome knitting corner.

Now to get busy on the spinning stuff! HA!

5 thoughts on “The Stash, Tools, and Books Get Organized

  1. Looks like you got it well organized. I wish I had a system for viewing, but mine is in cloth drawers in those cube units and not visible. It’s also in a navy trunk my Dad used and baskets upon baskets around my sewing room. Some day I will find a cabinet I can display it in!!

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