How My Knitting Resolutions for 2019 Are Working Out

I know you were wondering, “How is Woolandchocolate doing with her annual personal knitting goals?”, so here I am to give you an answer. I’m actually not doing too bad. It’s almost the end of August and I am only a little bit behind.

Knitting Goals for 2019

WIPs – gotta finish them all! 

  • Candy Shop for me DONE
  • Dress for me of my own design DONE 
  • Scrappy sock weight blanket (haha! Yeah, right) 
  • nightingale socks – FROGGED

New projects- the family 

  • Vest for Little Man DONE 
  • Something for The Blessing 
  • Hooded vest for The Fraggle DONE 
  • Fox fingerless gloves for The Munchkin DONE 
  • Dino sweater for The Princess IN PROGRESS
  • Socks for The Dancing Queen DONE 
  • Socks for The Boy IN PROGRESS
  • Christmas Stocking for Little Man
  • Christmas Bauble by Carmen one for each kid

New projects – me 


  • Various socks – one pair a month: Jan DONE Feb DONE Mar DONE Apr IN PROGRESS May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 
  • A delicate lace shawl

Okay. So I am really behind on the socks. But that is only because my sock knitting is my mindless knitting, but the last sweater was also mindless knitting, so my mindless knitting time was totally dominated by sweater knitting instead of sock knitting. This makes perfect sense if you think about it. On the other hand, the April socks are socks for The Boy, so that is two birds with one stone. And they are nearly done. Well. They are mostly done. okay, okay. I am not quite to the heel on the second sock. But give me a break! The Boy has very large feet!

Here comes September and I’ve got some catching up to do. But I am pretty satisfied with my progress. I have knit some cool stuff besides this list as well.

I like to have a plan, and to deviate as much as I want to, so in a way, I am right on track!


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