Christmas Stockings… again…

Just when I think that I have finished knitting stockings for Christmas, I find myself making even more. I counted them up and I am now in the 20’s, between stockings for my kids, re-dos of stockings for my kids, new babies being born, and commissions that I take so that I can pay for things to put into the stockings!

Last year, Little Man was too young to notice that I was a lazy bum and didn’t knit him a stocking, but easy times are gone now and, at almost 2 years old, it is time for me to knit him his very own.


I knit every single stocking with exactly the same stitch a row counts, and with the same yarn, but they are all unique and I agonize over each color choice, pattern placement and overall look. This one was no different. I ripped back entire sections more times than I care to admit, but I am glad that I did because I am very pleased with the finished stocking.

Next came a do-over for The Munchkin. She has hated the stocking that I made for her from the moment her tear filled eyes beheld it. She was heartbroken that it was “brown” and every Christmas since that terrible day I have meant to make a better one. Well, this Christmas I finally did. And to avoid any shattered expectations or broken hearts, I let her help with the design process. She is becoming quite the knitter in her own right and has an eye for this kind of thing. We are both really pleased with the result.


My only beef is that some of the rows have 3, and even 4, colors and because I am not great with stranding more than two, it pulls in a little making the stocking appear smaller. I assured her that whatever doesn’t fit in the stocking will be piled up underneath and the stocking size will not affect her Christmas morning haul. So she is pretty pleased.

Stocking details – stockings are knit top down, with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, on size 6 needles. I cast on 72, knit about 1.5″ 2×2 rib. Patterns are gleaned from various sources, including free stocking patterns on the internet, Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle, and my own design. Heel is an afterthought heel.  I-cord loop to hang.


One thought on “Christmas Stockings… again…

  1. they are both gorgeous! I did 1 knit stocking, a sock pattern I just used worsted for, but then have made 4 in quilted patterns. And thankfully someone bought me a stocking so now all the girls and their beaus have a stocking for Christmas. I am just lame in remembering to get things to put in them. LOL

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