Dino Sweater… Finally

She finally got her Dino sweater. It only took about a billion tries.


I was inspired by a sweater that I saw on Instagram. (If that was you, raise your hand. I’d love to give credit where credit is due. I scroll through too much and can’t remember where I saw it.)


The entire Dino is duplicate stitch. Which is fine. But it is a little too thick. And it was a pain to make. But The Princess is so pleased and she won’t take it off, and I am so glad it is finally done. So we are all happy here. YAY

Yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo in Black and Yarn Love Rainbow minis. Pattern is purely made up on the fly. Shout out to Elizabeth Zimmerman who set me free from pattern reliance! It’s been coming in handy in this post-ravelry era.

Christmas Knitting Freak Out

January through October – “I’m totally not knitting Christmas presents this year.”


I might be a little stressed right now. Good thing I knit pretty quickly – I have made some good progress:

A shrug for The Munchkin (simple top down raglan of my own design in Swoosh DK “fresh”)


A cape for The Blessing (simple top down half pi shawl in Knit Picks Glimmer).  I am thinking about putting a pink ribbon through the first row of eyelets to use as a tie.


A shawlette for The Fraggle (“Ovate” by Tori Gurbisz in Yarn Love Bulky). This pattern was written for one skien of Malabrigo Rasta and I have wanted to make one for years. This is the most epic quick-knit last-minute pattern I have ever seen. I made it in one evening. It’s small but there is a 2 skien version if you want it bigger. This will be perfect size for The Fraggle.


I am now working on a cowl for The Princess.

Then there is still a vest for Little Man, a hat for The Boy, a scarf (?) for The Dancing Queen, and maybe something for The Man.

I can totally do this…. right?

Wrapped in Knitted Love

We recently went apple picking with our homeschool group. It was a chilly morning so the kids got all layered up in their hand knits.

The Princess wore an epically soft hooded scarf that I made for The Bookworm a few birthdays ago.


The Munchkin wore a hat that I made as a swatch for a color work idea that I never actually finished, the cabled cardigan that I made for the Dancing Queen and has been passed down several times, and the foxy fingerless gloves that she has hardly taken off since I bound them off months ago.


The Blessing has hardly any knits made just for her, because she keeps getting all the older sister’s stuff – The Munchkin’s Dress, The Fraggle’s Cardigan, and a Rasta hat that I made for myself (but never wear).


It is lovely that my home is overflowing with beloved knits that are worn year after year. I really like that aspect of this particular hobby: wrapping my children in knitted love.