Keeping Me Busy

My days are so full. This is the short list of the things that I have been working on.

  • My sister and I set up a booth at a local craft fair. She is an amazingly talented jewelry maker and had so many beautiful pieces to sell. I had been sewing headbands and little tote bags for a week, as well as knitting some headbands and market bags. I also had some needlefelted toys to decorate the table that had price tags on them, just in case someone wanted to buy them.  It was a ton of work and a total disappointment. I sold only enough to buy us all lunch, and my sis didn’t do much better.  Plus, it was hot and the kids were great until near the end when they started getting cranky. I confess, I was getting cranky too. I was pretty bummed, but I am still excited about the next booth. It’ll be better.
  • I am test knitting for NEEDdesigns again. I love testing for her and have tested two of her baby things in the past (one is blogged here and the other never got blogged, but the Rav page is here). This is it so far. It’ll be a newborn sweater for my knitting buddy who is expecting.
  • I also knit this for the same baby. I should think of more to say about it, but I am not in the mood. See my Rav project page for details.
  • There are three new patterns in my head, swirling around and begging to be written. We will see what happens with that.
  • The garden is coming along nicely. I gave each of the kids their own plot of land in which to plant whatever they chose. They are responsible to weed and water and tend to their gardens. We are all very excited (me included) to see the sprouts and we are dreaming of strawberries and tomatoes and zuccini. Now if only we could keep the deer out.
  • Crochet may be the stupidest invention ever, and it hurts my wrists to even think about it, but when I saw this pattern to make flip-flops, I didn’t even hesitate. It comes in handy that The Man works at a hardware store and can bring home jute twine for me whenever I have the need.
  • The magazine (book? newsletter? whatever) that I am writing is in testing and I eagerly await the verdict. Will my testers like it? Will they think that it is crap? Did I work all that time on something that no one will want to read? We shall see….

All of that on top of homeschooling (almost done with this school year!), housekeeping (I rearranged the furniture and don’t think that I like it), cooking (what is for dinner tonight, anyway?), and throwing a little baby shower today. Whew!

What’s keeping you busy these days?


Every year, something new prevents me from having the garden of my dreams. First it was poor soil, then the gophers, and then the deer. I would fix one problem only to encounter another. Meet this years menace:

The tomato horn worm. Icky. So, when Noah asked how he could earn some money before we go into town tomorrow, I told him I would pay him per worm to pick them off my tomato plants. The boy made $1.25 and got a jar full of pets…

I will never understand boys… Anyway, he had them until he showed Papa, who insisted that they  immediately be fed to the chicken. (Yes, chicken. Singular. We have one lunatic chicken, who fortunately for me, loves to eat tomato horn worms. It almost makes up for her not laying eggs.)

Noah was okay with that. There will be more tomorrow. It is an invasion, I tell you! It will be a miracle if I get any tomatoes at all.

All photos (except the first one) were taken by my little seven year old photographer, Noah.

Open Letter to the Local Deer Population

Dear Deer,

I must inform you that, this year, the garden I have planted is intended for human consumption only. I know you have been looking forward to the garden buffet that you have enjoyed here in years past. Last years tomato smorgasborg was heavenly, I know. (Actually, I don’t know, since you left so little for me…) But, this year I am publicly asking you to stay away. Please let the gophers know that this goes for them, too.



And here is a kitten update:
Two kitties survived, are thriving, and have been welcomed into the family. Observe some cuteness below: