Ball Winder Heaven

So, what’s a gal to do when she get’s her tax return back, but has vowed not to buy any yarn?

She buys a really-super-awesome-heavenly-slap-yo-mama ball winder.

I needed lots of prodding from the man. It was a big price tag, and I had a really hard time hitting the final “Submit Order” button.

But, I will never need to buy another ball winder again.

Sigh. Heaven.

In case you are wondering how I chose this one, here were the contenders:

  • Knit Picks Ball Winder $19.99 – Totally out of the running. The one that I had lasted one year, and most of that year it felt like it was going to break any second.
  • Royal Ball Winder $54.00 (at – I was leaning toward this one, except that it is plastic and looks a lot like the one that just broke. The Man vetoed it promptly.
  • U-nitt Metal Ball Winder $37.95 (at Amazon) – This is a metal ball winder, and looked promising. Until I realized that it doesn’t spin the ball, it winds the yarn around the ball with a moving arm. Too many moving parts. I didn’t trust it.
  • Strauch Ball Winder $130 – Sturdy and wooden, the two requirements that I had, but it doesn’t look very ergonomic, does it? I can’t imagine turning that crank for very long.

And the winner is …drumroll please….

The Heavy Duty Ball Winder by Nancy’s Knit Knacks $199.99 – it’s wooden, sturdy, and winds a serious ball. Plus it is beautiful.

Here it is in action!

Tee hee! Now I am off to wind every skien of yarn in the house… twice!

psst! Mysti! You know you want to come over and try it… 🙂

Weeping, Wailing, Wallowing and Whining

Okay, so it isn’t as bad as all that….

But, what would you be doing if your ball winder died?

So, the Knit Picks ball winder lasted me about one year. It has been groaning and clacking in protest for months. It got some pretty heavy use.

The Man (who would rather pay more once than pay less twice) has chastised me for getting a cheap one, pouring lemon juice on my open wound.

I won’t be replacing it anytime soon, but it makes me wonder two things –

1. What kind of ball winder do you have?

2. What ball winder would you have if money were no object?

Now, I am off to hand wind some lace weight…. Joy. (At least I have my swift. Oh, how I love my swift.)