Watch Your Mouth!

When my sister was traveling around a lot, she found a little souvenir for my fridge. She said it reminded her of me.

It says:

“When I say the word exercise, I wash my mouth out with chocolate.”

Works for me!

Feeling Kinda Random

Random thought: Unschooling is a hot topic.
My post yesterday stirred up a lot of people here on my blog and also on facebook. Good. These things need to be thought about. Thanks to everyone for such wonderful, insightful comments. That is one thing I love about blogging – I say my piece and then sit back and let you say yours. You guys are all fantastic, by the way.

Random thought: I don’t feel like doing anything today.
Knitting, eating, playing, reading, it is all unappealing today. Weird. I haven’t had any chocolate in a few days, maybe that is the problem…. (and, no, I am not pregnant! That would be barfing, not boredom.)

Random thought: Our library in Auberry is the best library ever!
This morning, we sat out on the lawn in the shade of some giant trees and watched a very funny magic show at our library. The summer reading program is so fabulous, and it is one of the many reasons that going to the library is a treat for my kids. The librarians are all so sweet, the programs are incredible and the community of mothers that attend them is so precious. Every friend I have made since we moved here, I met at the library, with only two exceptions.

Random thought: I am back to chocolate.
Maybe there are some chocolate chips somewhere in the cupboard…. hmmmmm.

Random thought: This blog post is struggling.
Maybe I should insert a picture of something lovely and end it. Okay, here goes…

The End.


Chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, thin mints.

Chocolate ice-cream, fudgesicle, mud-pie.

Cupcake, Devils Food, brownie.

Fudge, chocolate covered cherry, truffle.

Ghirardelli, Lindt, Sees.

Chocolate milk, Hot Cocoa, Mocha Frappachino.

I am craving something. Must be that time of the month.

To help myself resist the urge to binge, I have been working on this:

Oh, darn! How did that get there? I meant this:

I have decided to call it Mermaid. It is the Mondo Cable Cardi in Dream in Color Classy Dusky Aurora. Doesn’t it look like the perfect color for a mermaid tail? I am hoping I will have a bunch left over to make some kind of mermaid doll for my eldest daughter. She is liking mermaids these days. Sweater number four, ladies and gentlemen, is coming along like gang-busters thanks to my chocolate cravings!

(If you are asking “what happened to Sweater #3?” uh, don’t ask. The Vera Sweater has been put in time out for a week or so. I made a big series of mistakes that lead to much frogging. I think I need some space…. 🙂 )