Knitting Poetry – Christmas Haiku (Christmas Countdown Day 23)

I wish you a merry
Eve of Christmas Eve today
Knit on, Happy Friend


December is short
Christmas Day is almost here
How goes the knitting?

or, perhaps

Composing Haiku
While knitting this dumb stocking
Is straining my brain

 A sneak peek at the stocking I am making for me. (Who says purple isn’t a Christmas color?)

‘Tis the Season to Make Candy (Christmas Countdown Day 22)

Christmas baking and candy making is twice the mess and ten times the fun when the  littles help in the kitchen.

The Dancing Queen and The Boy helped make cookies with the cookie press.

That cookie press was lots of fun. Everybody had to try it.

The Princess and The Munchkin helped make fudge.

And, after two failed attempts, The Bookworm and I conquered the peanut brittle.


So, what’s cookin’ at your house?

What’s in Your Stocking, Girl? (Christmas Countdown Day 21)

Stocking stuffers for my girls


1 white play silk and a packet of Koolaid for dyeing it
1 tin cup with cocoa and candy cane
1 kids bath bomb (from Cheeky Maiden)
1 Hello Kitty lipgloss
1 can silly string
1 bouncy ball
small notebook and pen

the little girls each get a doll from Nova Natural (specifically, this one for The Princess and this one for The Munchkin. The doll in the picture above is for The Dancing Queen) while the big girl gets a box of artists pencils and “The Parent Trap” DVD (the old version with Hailey Mills because it is waaaay better than the new one)

So, what’s in your stockings?

What’s in Your Stocking, Boy? (Christmas Countdown Day 20)

Stocking Stuffers for The Boy

1 white play silk and a packet of Koolaid for dyeing it
1 tin cup with cocoa and candy cane
1 kids bath bomb (from Cheeky Maiden)
1 can silly string
1 bouncy ball
small notebook and pen
1 handkerchief filled with Legos (I buy them in bulk from this eBay seller)

Tune in tomorrow for the girl version.

Hot Chocolate (Christmas Countdown Day 19

Hot Chocolate

It isn’t Christmas without a little hot chocolate.

My Super Duper Hot Chocolate Deluxe Recipe

1 12 oz can coconut milk
1 1/2 c. whole milk
1/2 c. whipping cream
1/3 c. baking cocoa
1/2 c. sugar
pinch salt
1 c. semi sweet chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla extract

mix sugar, salt, and cocoa together in sauce pan.
add liquids and heat till almost boiling
toss in chocolate chips and cook until melted
remove from heat and add vanilla

Confused? (Christmas Countdown Day 18)

My advent mitten project has The Munchkin confused.

“Mama!” she squeaked in her cute baby voice, “Are you makin’ those for me?”

“No, Sweetie,” I said, “These are going to hang on the wall.”

“Oh” (little pause while she thought this over) “Are you makin’ them for the baby?”

“No, they are not for anybody,” I tried to explain. “These are a decoration. We are going to string them and hang them up.”

“Oh” (another thoughtful pause) “Are you makin’ them for Pippo?”

“I am not making them for anyone,” I was squelching my exasperation by now. “They aren’t even proportional to real hands. We are going to…”

“You are makin’ them for me?” she tried again.

“Yes, Honey,” I sighed. “I made them for you.”

Guess I will be making a few extra….

Smitten (Christmas Countdown Day 14)

Even though I finished with my Christmas knitting earlier this year, I still feel like I need to knit something Christmas-related. Maybe it is the two empty slots over the fireplace waiting for stockings (which I do not want to knit), maybe it is the Knit Picks holiday kit that I need a good reason to buy, or maybe it is just one of those weird quirks of this quirky knitter.

In any case, this urge to knit seasonally appropriate projects has sabotaged all real knitting. I have the Nutkin Socks going, and actually worked on them last night, and I have the Maeva Socks also in progress. There are a few other WIPs that I haven’t forgotten about and I need to knit a warm sweater for V. The Princess could use a warm sweater, too. Oh, and The Man wants socks. But there is this strange resistance to knitting those things. Needful things, works in progress, normal knitting… that all seems so, well… not Christmassy. So, what is a knitter to do?

Cast on Smitten.

You know. For next year.

A Stocking For The Munchkin (Christmas Countdown Day 12)

The Munchkin has a newly knit stocking (finally).

Three things about this knit:

1. I didn’t want to knit this. I put off knitting it. I knew that I had to knit it. I hated knitting it. But, even so, it didn’t take long and I am happy enough with it now that it is done.

2. The Munchkin’s stocking is bigger than everyone else’s. And I am okay with that.

3. For this stocking, I blended two patterns together. I wanted it to resemble the five stockings that we already have, and yet still be an interesting knit. I think it worked out okay. (The boring knitterly details are on my Rav page here)

Now I only have to knit one for V and one for myself and then I will never ever have to knit another Christmas stocking again. I’ll get right to it….. next year, perhaps?