The Steek

My heart was pounding in my chest. My palms were sweating. I could barely breathe.

Carefully, I double checked the blue lines of thread that ran up the front of my colorful knitting.


Taking the scissors in my hand and inhaling a deep, steadying breath, I put the steel to the wool.

And then I cut it.

I think I might have started to black out a little, so I paused and waited for my sight to return.


Seeing the shiny silver scissors eating up my knitting made me a little nauseous, but I carried on and cut up the entire length of my sweater.

My hand was shaking as I set the scissors down next to my carefully constructed knitting. I stepped back and leaned against the china cabinet for a moment.

Then I looked at my work and I was happy.


My first steek was a success!


Dirty, Rotten, No Good, Lying Piece of Swatch!

Swatches lie. Big time. I only swatch when it is absolutely necessary, and this time it was absolutely necessary. I made a great swatch. A beautiful swatch. A swatch to base an entire sweater pattern upon. Behold, the gorgeous swatch! … Continue reading

Robots! Mittens! Colorwork! Oh, my!

I have rediscovered my passion for knitting colorwork patterns.


Love Bytes in Madelinetosh 80/10/10 in California Poppy and Madelinetosh Vintage in Iris. Ravelry page here.IMGP0893I was so excited when presented the opportunity to knit these for someone else. I have eyed them for a long while, now, knowing that I would never wear them, but wanting to knit them just for the fun of it. And it was fun, so very fun! In fact, they were so much fun that I immediately began another colorwork project as soon as I was finished with them.