Every year, something new prevents me from having the garden of my dreams. First it was poor soil, then the gophers, and then the deer. I would fix one problem only to encounter another. Meet this years menace:

The tomato horn worm. Icky. So, when Noah asked how he could earn some money before we go into town tomorrow, I told him I would pay him per worm to pick them off my tomato plants. The boy made $1.25 and got a jar full of pets…

I will never understand boys… Anyway, he had them until he showed Papa, who insisted that they  immediately be fed to the chicken. (Yes, chicken. Singular. We have one lunatic chicken, who fortunately for me, loves to eat tomato horn worms. It almost makes up for her not laying eggs.)

Noah was okay with that. There will be more tomorrow. It is an invasion, I tell you! It will be a miracle if I get any tomatoes at all.

All photos (except the first one) were taken by my little seven year old photographer, Noah.

Open Letter to the Local Deer Population

Dear Deer,

I must inform you that, this year, the garden I have planted is intended for human consumption only. I know you have been looking forward to the garden buffet that you have enjoyed here in years past. Last years tomato smorgasborg was heavenly, I know. (Actually, I don’t know, since you left so little for me…) But, this year I am publicly asking you to stay away. Please let the gophers know that this goes for them, too.



And here is a kitten update:
Two kitties survived, are thriving, and have been welcomed into the family. Observe some cuteness below: