Today I have a cute, quick knit to show you.

This is Spark’s Pony Pattern made in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. It was a birthday gift for The Bookworm who is turned 12 this week.

Let me tell you, The Bookworm was thrilled. She carries it around on her shoulder! I love when I can put smiles on my kids’ faces with a bit of wool.

Three things about this knit.

1. This pattern is written for worsted weight yarn, but I wanted something smaller so I used fingering on size one needles. It is small, but I was hoping for even smaller. I probably should have whipped out some lace-weight and my 0000 needles. Oh, well, there is always next time. I also think that next time I will try the other head option for a smaller, more normal looking noggin. I did the big one this time because that is what the kids like, but I think it looks ridiculous.

2. I got this pattern almost immediately after it was added to Raverly’s pattern database, so it was brand spankin’ new. I got the “virgin” version and I felt the pains thereof. After I was about 2/3 through, I received an email containing the revised version from the talented designer and all was well. I still can’t figure out how the legs were supposed to be sewn together, but it worked out okay in the end.

3. The pattern did not explain how to do the eyes. For that I just went back to the Etsy shop where I bought the pattern and closely examined the pictures of her finished ponies. Then I did what I could with the felt bits I had left over from my calendar. I am pretty surprised by how well they turned out.

All in all, it was a good knit and so quick that I think I could do it again. The only downside was the amount of yarn used up on hair!