A Stocking For The Munchkin (Christmas Countdown Day 12)

The Munchkin has a newly knit stocking (finally).

Three things about this knit:

1. I didn’t want to knit this. I put off knitting it. I knew that I had to knit it. I hated knitting it. But, even so, it didn’t take long and I am happy enough with it now that it is done.

2. The Munchkin’s stocking is bigger than everyone else’s. And I am okay with that.

3. For this stocking, I blended two patterns together. I wanted it to resemble the five stockings that we already have, and yet still be an interesting knit. I think it worked out okay. (The boring knitterly details are on my Rav page here)

Now I only have to knit one for V and one for myself and then I will never ever have to knit another Christmas stocking again. I’ll get right to it….. next year, perhaps?