Neon Fireworks

When I firsts saw this colorway on the Mosaic Moon Facebook page, I knew I needed it.


Mosaic Moon Neon Fireworks on Aran Tweed with Dark Purple trim (I got two skeins of colorway and one trim. It was all that was available)

Okay, so “need” is a strong word. But that didn’t stop me from snatching up the first two skeins I stumbled upon on Ravelry, regardless of base. Fortunately, the base turned out to be Aran Tweed (very like Licorice Twist), which is perfect for a baby thing.

Ever since my early knitting days I have wanted to knit a sleeper for a baby. I always knit soakers, longies, shorties, and bloomers, never quite getting around to covering the entire baby with the knitted love. Well, that all changed this week. I didn’t have a pattern, but I do have a pattern for a onesie and I figured I could just add legs to, right? Well, this is what became of my logic.

IMGP8800Now, keep in mind that it isn’t exactly finished. The legs will have snaps to make for easier diaper changes and I am still shopping for the perfect buttons for the top.

IMGP8801I am probably going to get some really girlie buttons and some really boy-ie buttons and put them on when baby tells us who he/she is.


Rear view showing the short row bum.

This ended up very different from the pattern that I bought (why do I keep paying money for patterns if I am not going to follow them?). I started with the pattern (All-In-Onesie), but it morphed into something else as I went, and I even went back to pull out the collar and do that differently, as well. So, the only part that follows the pattern is the stitch count for the raglan increases and the sleeves. Well, I didn’t knit the sleeves as long as it said, so…


I wanted the button placket at the neck to be knit in the trim color, so instead of casting on the placket, I ignored that direction and just knit around it. Then, I went back and picked up the stitches, knitting the placket in seed stitch to match the cuffs and collar. I put in three button holes.

When I reached the short row section, I stopped following the pattern and knit my own longie pattern from that point on, including my own short rows.

The gusset is of my own making, as I would normally knit for a soaker.

The legs were knit back and forth and the stitches picked up along them for the snap plackets.

After I finished the legs I returned to the top and pulled out the collar to reknit it to match the seed stitch cuffs.

I knit the sleeves an inch shorter than recommended.

When I picked up the sleeves, I realized that I had missed the directions to cast on more stitches when the sleeves were separated from the body, so the body turns out to be several stitches narrower than supposed to be. This is not a modification, it is a mistake. 🙂

I had anticipated my gauge to be off because my yarn is thicker and my needles larger than the pattern calls for. This was fine with me, as baby isn’t even here, yet. As it worked out, I got perfect gauge (mysteriously!). So my 3-6 month size should be close.

And, since I bought two skeins of this fabulous colorway, I have enough for shorties, too! See? (and there will still be some left. Baby will be bedecked in Neon Fireworks!)

IMGP8804There has been some argument here about the gender specificity of this colorway. Some of the kids think it is too girlie to put on a boy. Some think it is to boyish to put on a girl. The Bookworm thinks it is too girlie for a boy and too boyish for a girl (can’t win with that girl!). The Man says it doesn’t matter. I like it for either. What do you think?


Inspiration Strikes! And I am Helpless to Resist!

I don’t do ultrasounds. In seven pregnancies I have had a total of four of them, three on the same baby, and all were medically necessary at the time. (I won’t bore you with the why’s, just google “dangers of ultrasounds” and you will know.) The consequence of this is that the baby’s gender is always a surprise, and I like it that way. When, after hours of pain and toil, a baby finally makes it’s way into this world, the most beautiful sound after the newborn cry is the declaration, “IT’S A GIRL!” (or BOY!, but I haven’t heard that one very often) Once we did discover the gender pre-birth, with The Munchkin, and it was weird to me. It felt artificial and wrong to know what was cooking in there. But, that is not the point of this post.

The point is, we won’t be finding out what we are having until we have had it, which makes for less than inspired baby knitting. Gender neutral baby knitting is not really very exciting. I know I can knit fast, and I plan to churn out heaps of knitted pink ruffles or blue robot longies as the case may be once we know who it is that I am knitting for, but I want to knit a blanket while I gestate.

So, there I was on Ravelry perusing blankets. I did lace for The Fraggle, but this time around I feel weaker and sicker and I don’t want to bother with complicated knitting. Simplicity is my middle name these days, so I was looking at striped blankets. Not terribly exciting, but then I found this: (photo used with permission)

BillowBlanket3(See Ravelry Project Page here and related blog post here)

To be honest, I am not sure what it is that I love about this, as far as a baby is concerned, but it sparked an idea that I couldn’t let go of. Before I knew it, I had placed a Knit Picks order and was waiting on pins and needles to get going on my own version of the above masterpiece.

Billow is a bulky, thick and thin, 100% cotton yarn that is softer than I expected. And the colors are perfect. I used all of the colors pictured above and threw in some purple because that is more “me”. When the yarn came, I was so excited that I snapped a quick picture with my iPad before balling it up and casting it on right then and there.

IMG_0572And once the knitting began, I was really cooking. Nevermind that I have months to go before there will be a baby to wrap in it. This is perfect pregnant/sick knitting.

IMGP8439My version differs from the inspiration blanket in that I am throwing in a purl row every seven rows and it will be smaller. I am going for crib size, which google tells me is 45″x60″.

I might have to order more yarn.





Snuggle Cocoon Thingie

I bought some yarn last week.

Well, technically, it isn’t really yarn.

It is a T-shirt.
A T-shirt that happens to be cut into one long, continuous strip and rolled into a ball to look like yarn.
(I got it from The Cable Company on

But it’s not really yarn.

And this is what I made with the not-yarn.

It is a gift for a friend who is having a baby in August.
In Dallas.
Who wanted a cocoon.
A bulky weight cocoon.

I think the T-shirt not-yarn should be cool enough while still retaining the awesome look of a large gauge of bulky yarn (but it’s not really yarn), don’t you think?

I realize that it looks small in these photos, but I am using a 12.5 pound baby to model a newborn size cocoon, so I guess it will work for my dear friend.

For a pattern? Well, I just winged it. I cast on 4 stitches on size 15 DPNs and started knitting a ribbed tube with occasional increases to the top. Easy Peasy.

Sorry to spoil the surprise, Candi, but I am so excited about this and these pictures are too cute not to share! It will be on the way to you tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy it!

More Befitting Knitting…

… for a woman of my gestational status.

Newborn soakers loosely based on the Picky Pants pattern
from the top: mystery brown yarn (must have some alpaca in it); KnitPicks Merino Style Hawk; KnitPicks Merino Style Hollyberry; Miss Priss Mary Walker Phillips

See that last one? Recognize the lovely yarn?

I love it even more now that it did that beautiful stripey thing on this pair of soakers! 🙂 (I don’t know why the drawstring is off center except to say that I finished these very late last night…)

It really is a mystery why I put off knitting newborn soakers. They are easy, super-fast, instant gratification projects.

Now, I should be set as far as newborn goes, especially if this baby is a girl. Look what I saved from the Munchkin’s newborn days:

Now I guess I will start knitting smalls. Or finish another WIP. (Hey! I am down to five!) We shall see what mood hits me the next time I sit down to knit.