Monogamous Knitting…. of sorts….

It is no secret that I have a serious case of unfaithfulness when it comes to knitting.

I cast on projects willy-nilly regardless of how many things are currently on the needles.

And, sometimes, I don’t finish things… um… ever.

I do feel bad about this from time to time. I get bursts of “finishitis” in which I resolve to finish something (or a few somethings) before I start something new. Often these bursts result in a few things finished and a few things frogged and are followed by rebound startitis (which is even worse than regular startitis). Rebound startitis finds me with more projects going than I have needles for (whew! I have a lot of needles, too!) and once I even bought more needles to satisfy the desire to cast on yet another must-knit-now project.

I felt the finishitis coming on right after I got all that lovely new yarn in the mail. How could I cast on something new when I had so many projects in the works? I did finish some things before the yarn got here – I got the Princess Sweater done after all, and the remainder of my hired knitting was completed in time. But, the socks are still where they were three months ago, Celandine hasn’t even been looked at for a good year (!), I’ve got a lace shawl going, and Smitten (which will be done before Christmas even if it kills me with it’s boringness! Why, oh, why did I think that I would enjoy knitting 25 of the exact same things?!?!).

Time for a compromise, time to turn over a new leaf. Here is my knitting basket as it looks today.

And this is my new monogamous knitting strategy. When I finish with a ball of The Boy’s Driftwood Cardigan –

then I will finish the Kindle Fire cozy for The Bookworm.

Once that is done, I will finish one sock in my Natalie Loves Me Socks

and four or eight mittens for Smitten.

Then I will do another ball of The Boy’s sweater.

Then I will re-evaluate the knitting basket and take it from there.

I realize that, strictly speaking, this is not monogamous knitting. But, if I stick to one project at a time, working toward a goal before allowing myself to move to the next project, than I think that kind of counts… right?

Maybe. Just Maybe. I can get some things finished.
(Where is the lace? you ask. Where is Celandine? One thing at a time, my Dear, one thing at a time.)

Of course, this is applies to my knitting, which I haven’t really been doing much of.

Oh, dear! I knew I shouldn’t have picked up a new hobby….

Strangely Monogamous

It really is amazing what a little kntting monogamy can accomplish! In five weeks, I have knit almost two miles of yarn – resulting in three sweaters and four pairs of mittens, plus half a baby sweater. I am pretty amazed by this.

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you know that this is not the usual for me. I like to have at least four projects on the go at a time. I need the challenging project (lace), the colorful project (stranded colorwork), the creative project (winging a design/modifying a pattern), and the watching a movie project (knit, knit, knit). And I need the freedom to flit back and forth between these projects as mood and time dictate. A few rows of lace here, a ball of boring there… This means that I usually have stretches of time where I have nothing to show for all the knitting that I do, but then rashes of finished projects, one after the other.

Right now, I have five projects on the needles – three lace, one colorwork, and one pair socks – all curtesy of ┬álast years sudden knitting break (thank you, morning sickness). But, all of those have been neglected in favor of churning out one project at a time. It has been somewhat enlightening to focus on one project from start to finish, I have to admit it. There is something to be said for knitting one thing at a time. I get it now.

But I don’t think this is going to change anything for me. Now, where did I put that lace?