Knitting Poetry – Christmas Haiku (Christmas Countdown Day 23)

I wish you a merry
Eve of Christmas Eve today
Knit on, Happy Friend


December is short
Christmas Day is almost here
How goes the knitting?

or, perhaps

Composing Haiku
While knitting this dumb stocking
Is straining my brain

 A sneak peek at the stocking I am making for me. (Who says purple isn’t a Christmas color?)

Knitting Poetry – Birthday Edition

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Christmas Countdown with a knitterly birthday ditty.

Wool and alpaca and silk, yes, indeed,
These things for my birthday are all that I need.

And you know that I love a nice chocolate cake,
But yarn’s just as good, and you won’t have to bake.

When thinking of me on this day of my birth,
Let’s add to my stash and not to my girth. 

Knitting Poetry the Fifth

This day it was a busy one
With lots of work and lots of fun
We laughed, we played, we made big messes
We built with blocks and wore princess dresses

I kissed a knee that was sore
I tickled a kid upon the floor
The dishes got washed, the beds got made
The floor got mopped, the bills got paid

This day it was a busy one
Lots of work and lots of fun
And now the kids have gone to bed
The bedtime stories have been read

Now I get some time for me
I try to knit while I watch TV
But I’m so tired I cannot think
And it seems that all I do is tink
So with yarn and needles in my lap
I find that all I do is nap

Knitting Poetry, the Fourth

When lace has got you down
You’ve tinked more than you can count
Turn a heel

When silk has got you beat
Knit something for your feet
Turn a heel

When your knitting’s just too tough
Get your socks knit past the cuff
Turn a heel

When you can’t find your knitting mojo
Work some socks from cuff to toe… jo
Turn a heel

Turn a heel, turn a heel
Yeah, you’ll love how it will feel
Turn a heel

And maybe work some gusset rounds, too!

My Kai-Mei Socks are coming along rather nicely, if I do say so myself.

Knitting Poetry, the Third

From Me to You

I made this little thing for you

With two sticks and some string

I worked on it for quite some time

It’s a very special thing


Choosing a pattern took awhile

But I finally found the one

It spoke of you and begged to be

Given to you when it was done


The yarn is precious and very soft

No acrylic for you, my dear

If you take care and treat it right

It will last you many a year


But, do not fear to put it to use

Enjoy it all the more

I would rather see it worn threadbare

Than forgotten in your drawer


This gift of love from me to you

Is more than yarn in knots

In every stitch there is the thought

“I love you lots and lots!”