A Spunky Rumpus KAL

This was a cool knit along to be a part of. The pattern was really a recipe so everyone has a different shawl at the end. This is how mine turned out.


Rumpus Recipe Shawl in Family Pendragon Mystic MCN Sport, Eden and Family Pendragon Superwash Merino/Silk, Violet (trim for Miss Giraffe). Modeled by my darling Dancing Queen who, upon hearing my input for her poses, informed me, “Mama, I have modeled for you before” in and oh, so teenager tone.

She’s right. She has. And she is a natural. Until she gets goofy.


But, back to the shawl. To get the idea of scale, here it is on me.


Three things about this knit.

1. I love knit alongs! I love the chit chat, the exchange of ideas, the friendly incentive to keep going (and to finish). I love to see how one pattern can turn out so different when knit by different people and with different yarns. This one was especially fun because of the mix and match nature of the pattern, and because the people in this Ravelry group are so fun.

2. I love Family Pendragon! Every yarn, every fiber, it is all perfectly lovely. I love the colors and the textures. They do not disappoint. Check it out!

3. I love the way the layered ruffles look! I did not, however, love how long it took to knit them. Don’t even get me started on the binding off. Whew! The last row and bind off of the last ruffle took me an hour! But it was good movie knitting. And I love the end result!

Anything else that I have to say about this knit (and there was quite a bit) I said on my Ravelry project page here.

And with that, Christmas knitting is officially begun. Wanna guess who this is for?



Letting Go

We all have at least one. I know that I do. It haunts my dreams and lurks in the back of my mind. I tell myself that I will take care of it, but I mostly operate in denial. It holds me back from my full potential and takes up valuable resources. It is time to deal with it. What is this insidious evil lurking in the background of my life? What dark secret am I hiding?

Celandine is it’s name, but yours may go by a different one. A love affair gone wrong, the flames have fizzled, the vision has blurred. I know now that I will never complete this knitting project. It has sat in it’s unfinished state, forgotten and gathering dust, for far too long.

It really is a shame, too, because I had such high hopes for this knit. The silk yarn is amazing (not to mention expensive), the pattern is intriguing, and the color is perfect. I once had visions of wearing this cute little top with my red and white flower print skirt. It was going to be beautiful.

But, reality has to surface eventually, and according to my Ravelry page on this project, I have not touched it in two years (wow! Two years? I started this before I got pregnant with The Fraggle? That is a lifetime ago)! So it is time to let go.

Now comes the tricky part. Frogging. Not my favorite thing to do, but even more so with all these little lace squares. And my heart breaks when I think of all the work that went in to each one. I bought 0000 needles to make them with! But then….



Cute, right?

So, I am letting go, but with reservations. And I will wear Celandine in my hair, instead.

Okay, This is Just Getting Silly

Anyone want to guess how many of my current six projects are lace? I will give you a hint… I love lace.

Five. Five lace projects and one crochet (gag… but it must be done…).

I have got the lace border for the baby blanket going.

This is an easy lace, but I am starting to hate the yarn. Knitting lace with cotton/linen is hard on the hands. (I know, I know, it will soften in the wash and be just scrumptious to wrap a baby in… but for now, I suffer.)

The February Fitted Sweater is still in progress.

And, while this is technically lace, it is pretty mindless. This one is a pleasure to knit as I am still swooning over this yarn. It is just lovely.

The Rona Shawl is collecting dust.

It is going to be fabulous if I can ever get up the gumption to do what it takes to get it going again. You see, I arrogantly left my lifeline 40 rows back…. and so I have to frog it back 40 rows because of not one, but two nasty mistakes. Hence the dust.

I also have the Celandine still on the needles.

It is an endless project. I do intend to finish it, though, because I cannot wait to wear it!

Lastly, the project that keeps me up at night, the one that I am passionate about, the one that haunts me in my dreams. Jaali.

Sigh. This is the reason for lace knitting.

But, all this lace means that I have no movie-watching knitting. I have no visiting with friends knitting. I have no watching the kids play knitting.

Time to cast on a diaper cover… or two.

I’m Not Obsessed, I am Passionate…. er, something….

When it comes to spending my spare moments in selfish pursuits, I am torn between two pastimes – knitting and reading about knitting on the internet. And, while doing the actual knitting is my favorite, I find that more and more often, I am sitting in front of the computer. I mean, wow! There is so much to read and learn, and so many friends to be made. Between Ravelry forums, writing this blog, and reading about all of your fabulous knitting exploits on your blogs, I could spend hours a day just reading about knitting. And, while I would love to knit while I read, as stated previously, I only have two hands. Lately, I have been doing more reading than knitting because, despite having six WIP’s (yes, it went up one since I last spoke of it), I am bored with them. Until now. Finally, the all consuming knitting project has come along, causing me to do more than read.

Again, with the lousy picture. Anyone have a camera they want to send me?

You see, I recently participated in a swap on Ravelry. I have been watching these swaps for awhile, but they always look too expensive. Then, I saw this one, a Knit Picks stash swap. No purchase required. I am so glad that I signed up. I sent out some lovely sock yarn (that I bought long ago, for who-knows-what), a couple of knitting books I will never use, some treats, a knitting bag, and some stitch markers (that I made) to a lovely knitter in Minnesota, whom I have never met. Then, a few days later, I received a package from another lovely knitter, in Arkansas (who happened to be a Christian like me – bonus!) filled with yarn and patterns and tea and lotion.

When I say filled, I mean filled – eight balls of Wool of the Andes in White with two patterns – Abalone and Hemlock Ring Doily Throw (and you know I am going to make that throw!) Plus, three balls of Shadow in Vineyard – a most excellent shade of dark purple (OH I LOVE PURPLE!!!) to make Rona Lace Shawl, pattern included.

So, you know what I am going to say next, right? That Rona Shawl was on my needles in a flash! I tell you, folks, I am obsessed with- no. I  am passionate about knitting lace.

That makes seven WIPs, for those of you who are counting. (You know who you are)