Ogre Feet

I finished my Rick Socks this weekend.

They are for a friend who has, in her own words, ogre feet*. So, I added an entire pattern repeat, casting on 72 stitches at the start.

Since my feet aren’t really all that petite either, these fit me pretty well (guess I have ogre feet, too. “Ogre feet” – she cracks me up!).

Enlarging the pattern like this caused a great many problems for this new-to-sock-knitting-knitter. It was a good learning experience.

I also had planned to make them a bit longer, but ran out of yarn. It was quite frustrating to finish the toe – I cut off the cast on tail and spliced it to the working end just to get another two rows! I really hope they fit her.

Despite making a few mistakes (which I did not fix, because she will not notice), running out of yarn too soon and my little ssk debacle, I am in love with these socks. I love this yarn – not that it is very soft or luxurious, but the colors please me greatly. I love this pattern. It will be hard to part with these babies.

So, Kelly? Now you know that I am your BFF. 🙂

*Kelly – sorry to spoil the surprise, but I couldn’t wait to post this. Wish I could fit in your mom’s suitcase and visit you, too. I bet Germany is gorgeous this time of year. 🙂