Koolaid + Silk = Happiness

For Christmas each of the kids got a white play silk and a package of Koolaid. Recently we all dyed our silks. This is how we did it.

Soak ’em in hot water.

Mix up Koolaid in one quart jars and place in pot of simmering water.

Dip sections of silks into colors and let simmer about five minutes. We had to move them once to get all the sections colored.

When all the color is used up, the Koolaid looks like this:

Hang to dry. (Silks are so thin, this takes almost no time, even in the cold of winter)

The kids all love thier silks, and now that we’ve got the hang of it, I think we will be doing it more often.

Even V is impressed.


Plain white silk scarf, prehemmed from Dharma Trading (I used the 35″x 35″ size)

What’s in Your Stocking, Boy? (Christmas Countdown Day 20)

Stocking Stuffers for The Boy

1 white play silk and a packet of Koolaid for dyeing it
1 tin cup with cocoa and candy cane
1 kids bath bomb (from Cheeky Maiden)
1 can silly string
1 bouncy ball
small notebook and pen
1 handkerchief filled with Legos (I buy them in bulk from this eBay seller)

Tune in tomorrow for the girl version.