Cleaning Out the Queue

I know you were wondering what all that yarn was for yesterday.

Well, I cleaned out my Ravelry Queue. I like to use it as a list of things that I am actually going to knit, but I often get carried away. It does tend to get cluttered up with things that I would love to knit but know that I probably never will. From time to time I like to pare it down to reality, as in “I can (and will) knit all these things this year”.

The yarn that I showed you yesterday is for the first seven items in my queue. Yarn for the eighth and ninth item came yesterday in the mail. Items 10 and on are still a kind of dream and I will probably run out of days this year. If I still like them next year, I guess they might have a chance.

I feel really good about this. I have a list of knits that I want to make and a box of yarn with which to make them.

So, how do you use your Ravelry Queue?