My Happy Place

A bird song in the distance, the tap-tap-tapping of a woodpecker on a nearby tree, the laughter of my children as they explore the hidden paths behind our house – this is the song that serenades me as I sit in the shade of a spreading oak tree and knit. Creamy white wool forming tiny knits and purls on an endless loop, each round denoted by the sweetest of stitch markers as I lazily knit on by. This is my happy place. This is where I recover from the stresses of the week, the busyness of my days, the complications of my life. The cool breeze blows all my cares away and I breathe deep of the simplicity that is found right here.

Knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl…


Tomorrow I will add some colorwork to this knitting. There will be a riot of color in complicated patterns. The ease of a simple white ribbing will give way to a carefully crafted design that will require more of my concentration and more of my skill. Likewise, tomorrow l will be faced with the dilemma of life and all of the intricacies and difficulties therein. I will be required to pay attention, to strive, and to overcome. But I leave that for tomorrow.

Today I choose find rest in the simple things.


I am blessed to have a handful of real, live knitting friends, and each of them are different. They each influence my knitting and my life in unique ways.

Natalie inspires me to be more energetic, to exercise, to enjoy my baby more, and she keeps me young. She keeps my knitting young, too. As I get older I realize that I am no fashionista, but I have Natalie to help me. It was she who aided me when I was choosing the pattern for the sister-in-law-Christmas-sweater. And it was she who inspired my first headband pattern up for sale in my new Ravelry pattern store.

The Natalie Headband is a simple ribbed headband worked from one end of icord to the other with decorative increasing and decreasing sections to form the shape and give the ribbing movement along the piece. I am sure that my knitting buddy will make her own with fabulous improvements – a big flower and/or a cute button – and I can’t wait to see it!

This headband is the first of a set that I have been working on. I will sell them individually as I complete them, but when all is ready I plan to put them together in an e-book.

Coming up next – Wren.