Ogre Feet

I finished my Rick Socks this weekend.

They are for a friend who has, in her own words, ogre feet*. So, I added an entire pattern repeat, casting on 72 stitches at the start.

Since my feet aren’t really all that petite either, these fit me pretty well (guess I have ogre feet, too. “Ogre feet” – she cracks me up!).

Enlarging the pattern like this caused a great many problems for this new-to-sock-knitting-knitter. It was a good learning experience.

I also had planned to make them a bit longer, but ran out of yarn. It was quite frustrating to finish the toe – I cut off the cast on tail and spliced it to the working end just to get another two rows! I really hope they fit her.

Despite making a few mistakes (which I did not fix, because she will not notice), running out of yarn too soon and my little ssk debacle, I am in love with these socks. I love this yarn – not that it is very soft or luxurious, but the colors please me greatly. I love this pattern. It will be hard to part with these babies.

So, Kelly? Now you know that I am your BFF. 🙂

*Kelly – sorry to spoil the surprise, but I couldn’t wait to post this. Wish I could fit in your mom’s suitcase and visit you, too. I bet Germany is gorgeous this time of year. 🙂


So, when I cast on my Rick socks, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see that spiraling rib start to take shape. I knit the cuff, and then jumped right into the leg, thinking how cool it was that a few ssk’s and yarn overs were all it took to make that really cool look. But, after knitting about two inches, I stopped. This didn’t look like the picture in the book.

My spiraling rib was inverted. Huh. That’s weird.

See? Here it is, inside out.

So, I went on Ravelry (what did knitters do before Ravelry?) and perused the 643 other pairs of Rick socks that have been made. No one else seemed to have the same trouble. Sock after beautiful, spiraling sock met my search for help.

Eratta. That had to be it. But the only eratta for this pattern didn’t start ’till the gusset.

So, I enlisted the help of the “Cookie A Socks Fan Club” on Ravelry, posting a desperate plea for someone to tell me where I was going wrong. And waited. Nothing.

Just about the time I started to consider frogging the whole thing and giving myself up for a huge idiot who couldn’t even decipher a knitting chart, I had a thought.

Maybe I am not doing the ssk right.

This is a scary thought. Do you know how many times I have executed the simple ssk stitch? How many lace charts I have followed? How many sweaters I have shaped? How many stitch patterns I have knit?

But it was my final hope. So, I headed over to Youtube (what did knitters do before Youtube?) and looked up a video on “how to ssk”.

And, what do you know? I have been doing it wrong all this time.


Oh, the joys of being a self taught knitter.

I have been ssk-ing – slip, slip, pass the stitches back to left needle, knit – which produces a twisted stitch. For some reason, it has never mattered and I have never noticed till now.

The temptation to rip out everything that I have ever knitted and do it right has passed (it was brief). I am okay now.

But, isn’t that unbelievable?