What Ever Happened to That Lace?

Rest assured, the lace obsession rages on, but several things have been slowing me down.

Hinderance #1 – Pregnancy Brain Lingers On. Despite being five weeks post-partum, I still can’t manage to remember a simple lace pattern – even when it is repeated eight hundred times! Sleep deprivation deserves some of the blame as well (see Hinderance #2), but I should be able to wrap my brain around a few yarn overs. This isn’t that hard (for lace) and I have mastered much more complicated patterns in my knitting life.

Hinderance #2 – Sleep Deprivation Causes Narcoleptic Attacks. If I am knitting on the (super-secret-christmas-gift) stockinette stitch project, I most definitely will fall asleep. It has happened…. twice. If I am knitting on something more complicated, say, this lace for example, well… see Hinderance #1. Fortunately, I am a tea snob and have the caffeine it takes to carry on.

Hinderance #3 – Silk (while gorgeous and fabulous and wonderful and awesome) Is Very Slippy and Hard To Work With. To fix this problem, I moved my knitting off of my slick nickle plated needle to my Harmony Wood needle. It helped, but I still have dropped more stitches than I care to count (can you say “tink”) and have to watch carefully even on the easy purl rows. The stitches dance around all over the place and the yarnovers like to rearrange themselves on the needle.

Hinderance #4 – 

Need I say more?

Hinderance #5 – Let’s be honest. The biggest reason that I have neglected my lace is this:

Can you blame me?



Top Down Knitting So Totally Rocks!

Awesome! I love the way this fits so far. I love that I got the modesty modifications right on the first try. I love the way that it is coming together. I love the yarn.  (I am on a silk kick. Ooooh, silky!) Love, love, love.

Labyrinth in Louisa Harding Grace

Pardon the Photo Booth Pictures! At that angle I look very well endowed. Teehee! 🙂

A Glutton for Punishment

I just got a real treat. Claudia Handpainted Silk…. in lace weight. Check it out:

After that lace kicked my butt last week, I am sure you thought I was finished. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am just persistent. I did get two more rows done on Gold without a hitch. Two rows and I am back to my cocky self.
So, if you had 1100 yards of red silk laceweight, what would you make? I am open to suggestions.
Now, I am going to finish Gold before my bravado wears off!
Happy Knitting!