A Handspun Sweater and Three Years of Wool and Chocolate

When this fiber came in the mail, I knew that I wanted to wear it.

I wanted to wear it all the time. Day and night. Night and day. The colors were so “me” that I wanted to frame it and roll in it and write sonnets about it. And, as I have mentioned before, the Romney wool is new and exciting for this still beginning spinner.

So after I spun it up, I made this.



A sweater of my own design, (Ravelry project page here) in Spunky Eclectic March 2013 club, Lightening Strike on Romney (Ravelry stash page here).


A sweater made from a bit of fluff.



I only had 12 oz to work with, so it has narrow fronts and 3/4 sleeves, both of which suit me just fine. I added a bit of shaping at the waist (which is totally lost on my currently more rounded form) and used up nearly all of the fabulous, 2 ply, worsted weight yarn.

IMGP8785 I love it, love it, love it! And it is just in time. As you can see, today is looking mighty dreary, wet and cold. Just the right weather to try out a new wool sweater!

But that’s not all! That’s right, folks! Three years ago today, I acted on a whim and started blogging. It took me awhile to get some momentum, to develop my style, and to figure out what it is that I want to say. I have met many interesting folks, both knitters and not, and learned a whole heap of new stuff. Thank you for reading my (sometimes) drivel. Thank you for commenting on my rants. And thank you for coming back for more.

Yellow Monstrosity

Have you ever made an ugly sweater on purpose? Well, that is what I just did, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Accomplishment. That is what this sweater represents. Another challenge overcome with sticks and strings.

Without going into details (for it is not really my tale to tell), I was commissioned to knit a reproduction of a sweater from an old photo. In the photo (which I can’t show you because it isn’t mine), a boy is wearing a yellow raglan sweater with blue stripes in the neck band. Armed with this photo and the customers measurements, I came up with this- Ravelry project page here

Okay, okay, I’ll model it for you.

This crazy yellow sweater is actually something to be proud of. I had to employ some tricky knitting, some super sleuthing, and some problem solving -problems like the impossible to identify raglan increases. I ended up making a false seam with a crochet hook. I am quite pleased with it.


I suspect that the original sweater was being worn inside out… So I knitted it inside out (also handy to avoid purling and entire sweater).The Man happens to be a little smaller than the intended wearer, so I used him as a living dress form (he hated it, but out of his great love for me, he let me drape this thing over him multiple times). That was really handy, as it is really huge on me!


I used Cascade Pacific Chunky, a 60%/40% acrylic/wool blend. Not a yarn that I could ever love, but not as bad as it sounds. That said, The Man remarked that it felt plastic-y and like he was wearing a yellow garbage bag (I have managed to turn my entire family into yarn snobs!).

Overall it was a fun fast knit, just challenging enough to make it interesting, just bulky enough to finish it quickly, and just profitable enough to make it worth it.

Besides, sometimes I just need a little comic relief!




The Unveiling

At long last I can show you the sweater for the sis-in-law. I bound off the last stitch on October 2 (!) and have been positively itching to blog about it ever since. So here we go!

Knowing that I am a little bit dorky and a lot bit out of style, I recruited the aid of my younger, much hipper knitting buddy when choosing pattern and yarn for my younger, very much hipper sis-in-law. After much debating and hemming and hawing, I finally chose the Contended Cardi by Hannah Fettig. The yarn was easier to pick – a superwash worsted in an awesome colorway? Malabrigo Rios in Pearl Ten fit the bill nicely. And the end result? Fabulous (if I do say so myself).

And the really good news? I think she really liked it.

(Oh, by the way, did I mention that my sis-in-law is gorgeous?)

Pearl Ten will always be one of my favorite colorways. (The Man says it’s purple, but I see charcoal… honestly.)

Yay! It fits! (The Man says, “Is is supposed to hang down in the front?” “Yes, Dear. Extra long stockinette stitch rows for that feature!”)

She looks happy to me. Mission accomplished.

Three things about this knit:

1. Once again, Mrs. Fettig has written a wonderful pattern. However, it was extremely boring to knit. In the entire 1000 yards of knitting, there was one single interesting row. The remainder of the knitting was movie-watching-knitting. Which is fine, really, because I like to watch movies. I just don’t think that I will ever knit another just like it. Great pattern. Boring knit.

2. Malabrigo Rios is fabulous. I won’t go so far as to say that it is my favorite, but it is close. It is soft, drapes nicely, and washes easily. Throw in the fact that the color selection is heavenly and that it is Malabrigo and you have a yarn worth every penny.

3. Knitting for cute skinny people is way more fun (and faster) than knitting for me.

Happy sweater, happy sis-in-law, happy me.