Getting Reacquainted

When I put down my needles last October for my three month hiatus, I had seven projects going. One was the Christmas sweater, which I finished on time (hooray for me!) and the rest were various projects in different stages of completion and interest. Coming back to them was like finding old friends.

“Hello, Lovely Lace Shawl. You are looking so very purple today. May I work some yarn overs on you?”

“My Darling Socks, how I have missed you! Have no fear, my dearies, you will be completed soon!”

“Sweet, Colorful Mittens! Your stranding calls to me in ways I cannot resist!”

And, of course, the sweater for the boy, which is what I am working on now.

My poor kid has watched me knit this to the halfway point, rip all the way back, start over and then put it in a corner for three months. If knitting is my expression of love, it wouldn’t surprise me if he thought that I don’t love him anymore! This one will be my next FO.

Ahhhh. It is nice to be back.

PS I love you

While recently looking through my stash (I was just looking, mind you! I will finish my checklist! I haven’t made any progress since I last wrote about it, but I haven’t cheated, either….yet), I came upon a crumpled love letter addressed to me. This is what it said:

Darling Shelly,

Hi. Remember me? I haven’t seen you around in awhile and so I decided to write and tell you how I miss you.

I was so excited when you chose me to come home to live in your stash. You fondled my soft, merino strands and gazed at me with such adoring eyes. You thrilled me with promises of all that I would become in your able hands. When you placed me at the top of the stash, I knew it was temporary. I sat there and reveled in your stolen glances and the way you would come pet me from time to time. I understood then that you had to finish a few things before we could be together. I was willing to be patient and I knew that you would be back for me soon.

But, I am starting to wonder if those dreams we shared were nothing more than empty infatuation. Have I done something to offend? Did you replace me with some other yarn? Do you even remember my name?

Come back to me, Knitter, dear! Come back and let us find the project that will fulfill us both. I want to glide through your fingers and experience my destiny with you. Put down all those sad wips that drag you down and bore you to tears. I can make you happy, I know I can.

Love Always

Malabrigo Lace

PS – I love you

Now, Friends, tell me truly – how can I resist any longer?