The Flock

Who am I?

I am wife to The Man. Mama to the brood. Homeschooler. Homebirther. Organic gardener. Wanna be quilter. Sometime seamstress. Everyday bread baker. I am the boo-boo kisser and the baby nurser. I also cloth diaper and I try to be a good house-keeper.

Above all, I am a Jesus follower. In my spare time I knit and eat chocolate.

I am also a blogger. When I created woolandchocolate, it was on a whim. I was curious to see where it would go. Now I have a pretty good following, I have made some wonderful new friends, and blogging has become part of my morning ritual alongside my cup of coffee. This blog has become motivation to finish what I start and has been the jumping off point for starting new things.

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Allow me to introduce you to the flock.

The ManMy Prince Charming. My hero. For fourteen years I have been married to this guy, following him around the world and back. It’s been wonderful.

The Bookworm

My first born is such a talented young lady – an amazing artist, a great story teller, and my right-hand man.

The Boy

Our one boy, my little man. This kid has an amazing imagination.

The Dancing Queen

My third child approaches life with passion and enthusiasm.

The Princess

Part princess, part tomboy, and often found in full dress-ups playing with hot wheels.

The Munchkin

My little shadow, my sweetie girl, my joy. Even though she has been promoted to “big girl”, The Munchkin is not quite done being the baby.

The Fraggle

Our Grand Finale, The Fraggle adds so many smiles to our day.

The Blessing


Our Encore Baby, this precious girlie came with a bonus chromosome! We didn’t think we needed another baby, but I see now that we weren’t complete before she came along.


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