Eating Soup with a Slotted Spoon

“Emma, would you please put the spoons on the table? We are almost ready for lunch.” I said to my almost three year old. I listened to the silverware drawer clatter as she dug around in search of enough spoons as I ladled the soup into bowls. A minute or two later, we all sat down to eat. There was Emma, sitting across from me with the spoon she chose for herself. A slotted serving spoon. Eating soup.

“Emma,” I said, supressing my laugh, “Would you like me to get you a better spoon? That one has holes in it.”

“I like this one,” she replied with a grin. “It’s pretty.” And she held it up for me to see the decorative holes in flowery shapes. Then she resumed eating (trying to eat) her soup. The soup dripped and splashed, she grinned and moved faster. The child managed to eat every last drop and even ask for seconds. She ate soup with a slotted spoon.

I have three points I would like to make:

1. “Like eating soup with a slotted spoon” is an excellent metaphor for a hopeless or difficult task.

2. With enough determination and dedication, it is possible to eat soup with a slotted spoon.

3. I have the cutest kid ever.

Sweater One (I call her Pink) is done and waiting for buttons. I knit a sweater for myself in six days. I am pretty proud of myself right now. Post dedicated to such awesomeness is coming soon…


Year of the Sweater

I am a knitter. We have established that. So why is it that on cold winter mornings, I am reaching for an ugly fleece sweatshirt from Walmart? I am a knitter. There are skeins of yarn stashed all over my house, but my closet is sadly lacking in wooly wonders. This must change. After all, I am a knitter.

So begins my “Year of the Sweater”. This month I have narrowed down all the patterns in my Ravelry queue to those sweaters I want to wear next winter. Out with the old, baby! I have seven (is that aiming too high?) I want to have knitted before the end of next winter. If you are a knitter, you may know some of these. Gleaned from the internet, magazines and books, I have a killer to do list! So, installment number one of this insane endeavor:

“Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan” from in Malabrigo Chunky “Pink Frost”. Here’s where we are as of today:

I started with a provisional cast on. I am starting to wonder if that was a mistake, but we shall see. I LOVE this yarn. Smooshy and buttery soft. I have been knitting like a crazy person trying to get it done because I CAN”T WAIT TO WEAR IT!!! Sorry to shout. I get really excited about yarn.

Truth be told, I have cast on a couple of others already. (Anybody know the cure for “startitis”? Besides casting on, I mean….) We will save those for later. For now, I want to revel in this pink confection. Lovely….

Hello world!

Here I am. Now I am a blogger. That title is officially added to all the others – wife, mother, knitter, among the many…. What do I hope to accomplish with this? Well, I am not sure. See where it goes, I guess. I so enjoy reading the greats – Stephanie Pearl-McFee for one – that I would like to join the ranks. As the title implies, this will be about two of my loves, wool and chocolate. Maybe I can inspire some knitting or some gluttony. Perhaps both. Could be fun.

When I am not knitting, I homeschool my five children, all of whom were  born at home. I pursue natural living by running this mini farm I live on. I am devoted to my husband. I am an unabashed follower of Christ. I am a conservative. I drink raw milk. I aspire to be a midwife someday when my kids are older. I nurse my babies. I guess you could say I am a bit of a fanatic. I think I am pretty cool. (wink)

But all those details aside, lets see some knitting. Tomorrow. Sorry, folks. It’s getting dark and I gotta get these kids eating dinner.