A Worthy Sidetrack….

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been working on my sweaters this week. I cast on the Year of the Sweater Project #4, but only got four rows into it when WHAM! I was hit by a terrible temptation. The new issue of Interweave Knits arrived in my mailbox with a pattern for a shawlette I had to make. I ordered the yarn before you could say, “a shawlette? really?” As soon as this came,

I cast on.

Three days later, and I have this:

The Impasto Shawlette in Unique Sheep Pima Petite

I love it! Now back to the sweater project….

6 thoughts on “A Worthy Sidetrack….

  1. Wow! That is really beautiful! I love to crochet and dabble in knitting but I only do it when I am inspired. I love being creative it is so satisfying. When I see real works of art like yours it encourages me to challenge myself a bit more but more than that to keep going.

    Isn’t it amazing how God gave us the ability to create and be creative. It is a reflection of Him and a gift to us to be able to reflect our CREATOR. Maybe this is why my heart sings when I see art. Man’s creativity is a reflection of His creation and the Creator!

    Thanks for sharing this it is encouraging in many ways!

    • You know, Ang, I have really been enjoying knitting like nothing else. With so many kids and so many things to do, for awhile I was starting to feel bogged down and uninspired. Having an outlet for creativity that fits in between dirty diapers and dishes is truly a blessing. I love seeing your works of art on facebook. Keep it up, girl.

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