A Different Kind of Project

It was a lovely afternoon. Marc and I wandered to a flower covered hill on the east side of our property to pick a new boquet of wildflowers for my kitchen window sill. The kids scampered about, running ahead or lagging behind according to thier personalities, while Marc and I strolled hand in hand. I started picking flowers and we were all admiring the large clover blossoms that were growing there when, from the recycle pile I heard a plaintive mew.

“That sounds like a kitten,” I said as I went to investigate. I shot my husband an “oh, no!” look. We had seen a dead cat earlier this week. Sure enough, four little orphaned kittens were hidden under some old bikes and cardboard boxes.

At first glance, I thought only one was alive. The crying I had heard came from a cold and hungry but healthy little kitten. I reached in and pulled her out, handing her to my daughter as I looked at the little pile of fur that was left. When his sister was taken out, the second little kitty revived enough to weakly call out. I had to move his brother off him to pull him out as well. He was thin and weak. Then, the one I had moved out of the way squeaked ever so slightly. It was alive too! Only one baby left, now. I checked it twice. Dead. I left it there. We had three cold starving kittens to save and we wanted to move fast.

So, this is Lucy. She is the strongest of the bunch. She was the one I heard calling. As soon as we picked her up she was active and boistrous. Once her belly was full of milk, she really came alive. The kids want to keep her. The campaign of begging and pleading has already been launched full force. I have a feeling we will succumb.

Here are Aslan (on top) and Tumnus. (Are you seeing the theme?) Aslan is the one I thought was dead. Even after one feeding, he was very lifeless. For about an hour the kids called him “Dead”. After the second feeding, however, I have started to have hope he will survive. Tumnus was in the middle, not dead, but not really alive either. He is also doing much better since his last feeding.

So, I am keeping them warm and fed and wondering what we are going to do with three more cats if they all survive. They sure are cute, though…


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