A Beginning and an End

Life has a beginning and an end. Only God knows how many days will be in between.

Sometimes, there are many. My great-grandmother died last month after ninety seven years. Her life was a blessing to so many and her passing was a cause for celebration. She had been waiting to trade in her old body for her new one. Widowed for ten years, Grandma longed to see Jesus and her husband. Though we will miss her, her ending brought joy.

Sometimes there are few. A long time friend of mine is carrying a dead child in her womb. A tiny baby that had never drawn a breath, already taken to heaven. An ending before a beginning. And we are overwhelmed with sorrow. It makes great sobs rise up into my throat just to think of it.

Cliches sound so hollow, but they carry meaning for me tonight. Count your blessings. Live each day as if it were your last.

And, I know that there are many wonderful women of God who visit my blog. Next time you pray, would you please remember my friend. May God comfort her through this ordeal.