The Other To-Do List

I have two “to-do list”s. There is the one that renews everyday and gets high priority. On this first list are things like “feed everyone” and “change diapers”. Things that have to be done, things I cannot put off for later. The second list has things that are more fun. These are things that I want to do to make our home nicer, to make my life easier, to bless my man and kids and to make our world a little more beautiful. Yesterday was a day for the second list.

I covered the old high-chair,

I made a new mattress for the bassinet and I washed Chloe’s “woolie”,

and I shaved my legs. No picture here, you can just take my word for it. As much as I am embarrased that this in on the second list and not the first, tell me honestly: If you had a few extra minutes in your day, would you shave your legs or would you knit a few more rows on this? I know my choice.

Late last night, my husband asked me if I was ready for bed. I was exhausted, but I looked longingly to my knitting which had been neglected all day. “Just one row?” I said. He rolled his eyes and went to bed. I worked half a row (those lace rows are long and complicated) before fatigue won out and I went to bed.

The second list got shorter, even if only momentarily, and this morning I am back to checking items off the first list. Life is good.

5 thoughts on “The Other To-Do List

  1. (I can barely see the boxes with the new layout.)

    I wanted to say, I admire your honesty…the shaving of the legs thing. Only a mother can understand this Shelly and shaving legs is always on my 2nd. list too….
    enjoy your fresh legs and knowing “Woolie’ is somewhat germ free now.

  2. Shaving is on my 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) list too. It just doesn’t take high priority around here. Not to mention that you can knit a row or two while watching your kids play outside – but (at least for me) someone has to be with the two year old if I need to hop in the shower.

    Can’t wait to see that nutmeg lace!!

    (Also on #2 list are things like brushing my hair (hello ponytail), washing sheets, getting clean clothes INTO dressers)

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