A Few Thoughts, Randomly

Since I have a lot of ideas, but none of them interesting or long enough to blog about, I will just list them in no particular order.

1. Do you ever look at one of your kids and realize (in a sudden and jarring moment) that he/she is growing up too fast? I did that yesterday with my Beka. She just lost her first two teeth this week. Where did her baby cheeks go? When did her hair get so long and full? This mother-of-young-children thing is going waaaaaaaaay too fast.

2. I knit the collar onto Mermaid, tried it on and wanted to weep. Weep for happiness that this genius collar design looks so good. Weep for frustration when I realized that my torso is about 5 inches longer than I seemingly believed. Ripped back lower edge and resumed knitting. (At least this means I didn’t have to start the sleeves yet. I don’t know why, but I hate knitting sleeves.)

3. It is hard to find good, wholesome, interesting books for my enthusiastic readers. I found a gem recently that I just must share. “The Melendy Quartet” is a lovely four book series that we are enjoying very much. We read a chapter a night, and have been doing so for all the kids lives…. That is over 3000 nights! We have read the greats several times through – Little House on the Prairie books, Chronicles of Narnia, etc. This little series goes into that category. We will definitely be reading it through again.

4. Four years ago we moved into a barn on my grandparents land. Since then, we have been slowly turning it into a house. The big deal, so far, has been that the stairs to get to the second floor are outside. Inconvenient, you think? Well, yesterday, my wonderful, fabulous, awesome husband cut the hole in the ceiling where the inside stairs will be. I am a happy woman!

5. Because my husband has Mondays off, Tuesday is our Monday. So, I am about to start my week. Wish me luck. Hope yours is great too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts, Randomly

  1. Tuesday is our Monday also! Jeremy is back on his schedule that I like and works best for us as a family.
    YES, stairs inside the house is in the near future!!!
    and….where has the time gone, Edward has grown from a 4t size clothing to almost size 6. He will be a 6x in most likely a month or 2. He is only 4!
    Keep writing Shelly, I love all the stuff random or not.

    • Thank you Lalana. I am honored that you keep reading! All this knitting mumbo jumbo must bore you to tears!
      It seems that Edward was just a tiny little guy just yesterday! It is amazing how fast it goes!

  2. 1= YES! Way too often. Even when you’re out of the “littles” phase, those moments hit you and before you know it, your child is a husband and father! HOW?!

    2= I hate knitting sleeves, too. No idea why!

    3= Thanks for the recommendation. Always looking for good books here! Hmmm… wonder if they’re on audiobook…

    4= Yippee for stairs!!! Though if mine were outside, I’d have much more reason to not go up there than I do now. (i rarely go upstairs here. it’s not good.)

    5= Happy “Monday”!

  3. If you’re interested, a good place to find terrific, wholesome book recommendations is Sonlight.com. They are a homeschool curriculum company that uses a ‘living books’ approach. The end result is that they have long lists of books, both read-aloud books and books for each reading level, divided by grade. I know I’ve been very pleased with the books they offer.

    Last year my son did the Core Kindergarten curriculum with the second grade readers and next year we’ll do the core 1 with the advanced second grade readers. Anyway, it might be something to look through.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I am always on the lookout for the next good book. We are reading all the books on the reading list for Ambleside Online Curriculem (amblesideonline.org) and, so far, they have all been wonderful. I will look into the ones you suggested also. My ten year old daughter reads a book a day and is tearing through the Hardy Boys at a rapid pace!

  4. Seriously!! When did I get a 10 year old?? And why does he look like a “man” instead of a “boy”. We are going to cut my 2 year old sons hair soon. I know he will look like a little boy instead of a baby after that.

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