The Lace Saga Continues….

Look what I got in the mail today.

I have been wanting this book for some time, now. It is full of lovely things for someone, like me, who is addicted to lace knitting. It may be a little premature of me to invest in such a treasure trove of lace patterns. I mean, really. You’d think that I tread a little more cautiously after the beating that I took recently. Alas, the bruises (to my ego) are fading and I am back in lala land. I love lace. I knit lace. I can’t prove it just yet, but that will come. Is there anything in this book that is not knit worthy? I think not. The real question is which of them would look the best in Rubies Playing

I also got Rudyard Kiplings “The Jungle Books”, which is next on our school reading list.

And this gem:

Whatever your politics, if you love America – read this book. All it is (apart from a short introduction) is Lincoln’s famous speech (which is surprisingly short) accompanied by actual pictures from the war. This is a must read and I am so glad I bought it.

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