A Few Things

This was a busy weekend….

1. Finished the mural in the big kids room. (well almost… the mermaid needs an eye, and we still need to paint a sandy sea bed under the treasure chest. But the scary part is done. The kids are thrilled. I am relieved.)

2. My first born grew up a little bit more this weekend. She is ten years old. She got invited to a piano concert. She dressed up. She went somewhere without me. She looked so beautiful. She took the camera. She took two pictures. They both look like this.

At least I got something. It was a little bittersweet when she left. Her smile split her face in two and she looked so sweet in her dress with her hair done up in a bow. My baby is growing up. The last ten years went by WAY too fast!

3. Knitting-wise: Celandine is coming along. There are 16 medalions ย and I have completed 6. They are beautiful. They are awesome. They are knit on size 000. They take a long time to make and are really tricky. They cannot be made while children are awake. I cast on Labyrinth and am enjoying it. (This is sweater number four in the Year of the Sweater Project) The yarn, Louisa Harding Grace, is a 50% silk/50% merino and is so heavenly. I hope it turns out well. It is good knitting when the house is in chaos (meaning, all waking hours), as it is all St. st. with a few inc or dec every few rows. I also am making a bowl of fruit for the daughter of my knitting buddy who is turning two next month. And, of course, Christmas presents are continuosly on the needles. Busy, busy, busy.

4. Selling stuff on Etsy, even if it is only $5 worth, is so fulfilling! I am a stay at home mom and make zero money. So, when I earn a couple of bucks (for doing some fun hobby), I am thrilled. I am even getting a bit of Christmas shopping done here and there when it adds up. Gotta love Etsy!

5. My sister, her husband, and her son stopped by yesterday and spent a couple of hours here visiting. I love it. I can never get enough of them. They are some of my favorite people. It is really awesome when ones sister also happens to be ones best friend.

So, now it is Monday, which is really our family Sunday because of Marc’s work schedule. ย I will finish my weekend off today with more knitting, spending time with my kiddos and (hopefully) getting the yard cleaned up and the garden weeded! Have a Happy Week! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Love that mural! You are soooo talented!

    And I *do* love Etsy. I’ll have to stop by your shop and see what you have. I keep thinking about opening one too. Then I’m always like, “would anybody really buy anything from *me*?”.

    Can’t wait to see your tank and sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Etsy is like fishing. You put out a little bait and wait, wait, wait. Eventually someone will come along and want what you’re selling. I am still debating whether it is making me any real money (after Etsy and Paypal take their cuts….) but it is fun. I would love to see what you would put in yours! Let me know when (if) you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. #1 The mural came out perfect! Nice job! #2 I hate to tell you this is only the beginning! Pray, pray, pray is the only thing that makes it easier for me when mine are off without me! #3 Still have no idea how you are able to work on so many projects, intricate ones at that, at the same time. #4 Have yet to even attempt to sell anything on ETSY, don’t think I can knit or crochet anything anyone would want to pay money for so Kudos to you. #5 It is good when you can enjoy your family, wish I had more opportunity, but I know this is where God wants us. At least for now.

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