That Other Thing

And now, ย the “chocolate” part of “Wool and Chocolate”:

So, the man comes home yesterday and says, “Hey, did you make a chocolate cake today?”

“Uhh… no.”


“Huh? You want cookies?” I think for a minute. “I don’t have any chocolate chips, but we could make snickerdoodles.”

Without hesitation, he says, “No. It has got to be chocolate. You don’t have any chocolate? YOU don’t have any CHOCOLATE?!?

“Sorry,” I shake my head. “No chocolate.”

Awkward pause.

“Really?” he tries again, “You really don’t have any chocolate in the house?”

“Well, there might be some baking cocoa in the pantry,” I let this sink in a moment. “I could make a cake, if you want.”

“No, never mind,” he says.

And then I think, Did that really just happen? The man is having chocolate cravings and I have nothing to help him out with?!?!? Is this the twilight zone or something?

So, I baked him a cake. And then, just to make sure he knew, I wrote this across the top:

Chocolate cake. The man wanted chocolate cake. What is this world coming to?

6 thoughts on “That Other Thing

  1. no chocolate in the house besides baking chocolate? what would you do in case of an emergency? you are a sweetie for remedying the situation for sure. i’d send him out to do a bit of shopping-of the chocolate variety. don’t want to find yourself in a bind the next time this happens!

    xoxo for stopping by my blog. so happy to find yours!

  2. That’s cute. My husband is currently addicted to Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and even volunteered to run to the store for me after my toddler had the last of the bag for her afternoon snack. The way to a man’s heart…

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