Beka’s Whirligig

I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this.

Whirligig Shrug by Stefanie Japel in Unique Sheep Pima Petite Teal

Three things about this shrug:

1. When Beka saw that I was making her shrug in teal, her heart sank. “How come Emma got purple?” she whined. Thinking quickly, I answered, “Beka, I picked this color just for you! Your dark hair is going to look so good with this color, and it will make the blue in your eyes stand out.” Instantly, her expression changed into one of pure exuberance. “Can I get a new dress to go with it?” she asked. Appealing to the ego. It always works with that kid.

2. Although the pattern is written for baby/toddler sizes, I made this big enough for my five year old with just a larger gauge. No math. Score!

3. I made only two changes to the pattern. (Amazing, huh? Only two?!?!) Although the neckline on Emma’s looks really nice, it tends to fall off of her shoulders, so for Beka’s I did the front edge in a 2×2 rib. We will see if that fixes it. And, fearing I wouldn’t have enough yarn (I used up some of the leftovers from this), I made the ruffle across the back shorter by about one inch. I bet she will never notice. And it was a good thing, too. I was left with a ball of yarn about the size of a gum ball. Thrills and chills, ladies and gents, thrills and chills.

I should have had this done weeks ago. Now, Abby wants one too.

And, of course, Chloe is on the waiting list as well. But for now, I am glad to have this one under my belt. And I have a very happy five year old.

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