WIP Smackdown!

Okay. So, the other day, I set some serious goals for my knitting. I said that I would do these five things before I cast on a new project:

1. Finish one ball of yarn on each large work in progress (that would be the three women’s sweaters 1 2 3 );

2. Frog the things I will never, ever, ever get around to even wanting to finish (that would be the socks and the goofy toy thingy);

3. Finish the gifts that must be done by September 26 (small things, but tedious, and boring because I am over it 1 2 );

4. Decide whether or not to finish Icarus (despite my occasional desire to work on it, it is sinking fast on the to-do list).

5. And, finally, get Celandine to mundane mode (more and more medalions before it becomes stockinette on lace weight on small needles around and around and around and around…..)

I am sure that you are all holding your collective breath for this update, so here we go!

The good news: I have made some progress. Not only that, I have found that by forcing myself to focus on these projects, I have pushed past the boring bits and actually enjoyed the knitting. (I refuse to learn the lesson, here. I am not trying to change my ways, only get the WIP list shorter so that I can start more projects!) I have frogged the little frogables, knit up one ball on a women’s sweater, and am working on the second sweater. Actually, I tricked myself with this one. I had already decided to work both sleeves at the same time, which means two balls are in play, so I am doing two balls on that one. Oh, and I made a decision about Icarus. It was hard, but I think I will be happier. Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. That is 2.5 out of 5 – hey! I am halfway. Yippee!

The bad news: I want to cheat so bad! I sit and knit on some old project while fresh skeins of wool stare at me from all sides. Knitting books line my knitting table, knitting magazines on my nightstand, and the new Knit Picks catalog came in the mail yesterday! I even caught myself moving toward the Pima Petite thinking, “It is time to cast on Chloe’s shrug. That’ll be a quick knit.” At least I caught myself in time, but that was a close one. I am hanging on by a thread, and knitting as fast as I can before I lose all control and cast on six new projects in some wild, wooly frenzy. Plus – look at all of this recaimed yarn! It is like Christmas in August! There are two laceweights in there, and you know how I am about lace these days…!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..

2 thoughts on “WIP Smackdown!

  1. I coyld have written this post! I feel the same way!

    I am trying sooooo hard to focus on three projects right now. But – I. Just. Want. To. Knit. More.

    Something new! Different! Quick! And exciting!

    Good luck taming that cast-on urge.

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