A Wispy Cardi, A Frantic Saturday and A Big Decision

We are packing up to leave for a week. I get to sit on the beach and knit and eat and watch my kids frolic on a beach with all my aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers, and nephew. I am so excited that I forgot to post my Friday picture yesterday! And I am a busy, busy bee trying to get everything packed and leave a clean house. But I do have three things, albeit no pictures, to say before I start this frantic day.

1. Wispy is finished! You will have to wait till next week for photos and details, though. I am not as excited as I thought I would be. I think this sweater was designed for a more “wispy” physique. It kind of looks like a frame for my ample bosom and pudge belly. But, it will be fine, paired with the right outfit. I can’t wait to show you!

2. Trying to decide what to knit on the beach is a tough one. Do I choose the practical route and knit dishcloths and diaper covers all week? Do I go super risky and take a Labyrinth? (A whole sweater in my lap and stressing about sand in the yarn?) Or, do I take a baby sweater, that is nice Malabrigo, but is small and manageable. And, once I decide what to take, how much do I take? What if I knit everything the first day, and have nothing to knit the rest of the time? What if I spend most of my time frolicking in the surf and cleaning sand out of the babys diaper and don’t even open the knitting bag? Oh, decisions, decisions….

3. The Man and I were discussing my body today. I have some ligament issues and need to give more time to exercise if I want to retain my ability to move painfree. I said something lame about how “I try to find time” and he said something very true. “If knitting were a cardio activity,” he said, “You would be in such excellent shape that you could run a marathon!”

Too true, Dear. Too true.

5 thoughts on “A Wispy Cardi, A Frantic Saturday and A Big Decision

  1. Ha! “A Cardio Activity!” – Maybe if we got into a competition for who could knit fastest. But even then, I don’t think we’d break a sweat. (Sweating will only happeb when a pattern is super frustrating AND there’s a tangle in your skein of laceweight. Oy.)

    As for the beach thing – I think the baby sweater route is the way to go. I always fret over what to b ring knitting when we are going to be gone. I worry about “not having enough”. And then I remember that it really does take a while to knit through a whole skein of yarn. You are also absolutely right thinking that you might not knit at all *gasp*. That’s happened to me a few times when we’ve been gone.

    Can’t wait to see Wispy!

  2. I can’t wait to see your cardi! And I hope you have a great vacation.

    Thanks for the input on how the cardigan fit. I think I’ll have to move on to another pattern since I am anything BUT wispy!

  3. 1. Looking forward to seeing it! 2. Go the safe route. That’s just me! 3. I had these very thoughts this morning! If it were a cardio activity I may not be so into it however! LOL

  4. I can’t wait to see the wispy modeled!
    I always bring to much as opposed to too little, just in case, for example this past weekend I brought a scarf, baby pants and a felted bag, with my eights in case I needed to run out and buy cotton to make a hanging towel.
    I’ve tried everything to make cardio fun and I haven’t had much success. The one thing that did work was at my last base, I had a friend that would go walking with me, and was also an accountability partner, and when she moved I had to get a new friend who happened to be more athletic then me and I even got into jogging. Then I got pregnant and moved and now I need to start all over again… Got any athletic friends?

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