The Good, The Bad, And The Just Plain Awful

The Good

I was born into a marvelous family. Getting together with all of them for our annual camping trip is the highlight of the year, and this year was no exception. We all had a fabulous time (despite sketchy weather, freight trains all night and Emma’s smashed finger). Observe:

Abby went boogie-boarding for the first time. And loved it, of course.

Noah got to be totally covered in sand all day long. (Heaven!)

Beka, always dancing, made new friends and ate her weight in “camping food” (that would be sugary treats that we never get).

Emma got to spend her days with her favorite cousin, and they actually got along pretty well (unusual).

And Chloe, well, just look at her!

As for me, of course I got in some knitting where I could. (I couldn’t make up my mind, so I took the Labyrinth to knit in the car (long drive), some cotton washcloths for beach knitting, and the Malabrigo baby sweater for fun. I ended up using the Mal for a hat for Chloe when, on the first night, I realized that it was going to be freezing and, silly me, I had packed summer attire.) But I also spent a good amount frolicking and battling sand, as I suspected, so not a whole lot of progress in the knitting department. I did finish the hat quickly, though, as it was a necessity, and I started the Yoked Cardigan (Hannah Fettig again. I really like her patterns!) and got a few rows into it.

The Bad

I grabbed the bag with Labyrinth in it as an after thought, intending to knit it in the car. Upon taking it out and looking at it, I realized I had forgotten the pattern. Darn. I knit the body of it (easily, and previously, memorized), binding off before arriving at my uncle and aunt’s house and figured I was stuck. But then, in a blaze of genius, I used said uncle’s computer to get the pattern from Stitch Diva. (Thank you, Stitch Diva, for letting me download it again!) Very excited that I wasn’t thwarted after all, I printed it up and stuck it into my bag. Once again in the car on the way to the beach, I opened the bag, pulled it all out, and wouldn’t you know it? I didn’t have the DPN’s I needed. No, magic loop wasn’t possible with the 24″ needle I had been using on the body. Bummer. But at least I got the body done. Now that I am home, I can tackle those sleeves in my free time… Ha!

The Just Plain Awful

Okay, are you ready for this? No, I mean, really, are you ready? Here it comes.

Sand + Camera = Bad things.

Yup. I am rendered camera free as of day 3 of camping on the beach. Darn. Darn. Darn. And with no “new camera” category in the budget… well, you see what I mean, right? How can a blogging knitter go on living without a camera!?!?!?! We will have to figure something out soon.

I wish I had taken pictures of the Wispy before I left….

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