Husbands Say the Darndest Things

Making the decision to use my stash as a design element in my living room was a risky move. For the most part, The Man takes my knitting in stride, although he does tend to harrass me just a bit about the time I spend with my yarn. I wondered how he would react when I brought out all my wool and stuffed a small bookshelf full, and then put the overflow into baskets on another shelf. Personally, I liked the look of it, and I felt like it made the room uniquely “me”, but the jury was out until The Man approved.

Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to notice. At least, not at first. Then, one day about a week later, we were sitting on the couch together, facing the wooly decoration, and out of the blue, The Man says to me:

“I like your yarn.”

Yup. He’s a keeper.