If You Need It, Dab It On!

So, the other day I was doing a last minute sweep of the house, trying to get it clean before The Man got home from work, and I passed by a mirror and caught a glimpse of myself.

This is what I saw.

No makeup, still in my jammies, hair not brushed, still wearing glasses (instead of contacts), I stank (you can’t see that, but I did), and I hadn’t even brushed my teeth, yet.

Now, I can’t be the only mom who makes it to 4:30 pm looking like this. I can’t be the only mom who looks like this and doesn’t even know it.

But, it got me to thinking. My wonderful man comes home to me everyday. He is faithful, loving and wonderful in every way. I never have to worry about him finding someone better, or younger or prettier. He will stick with me to the end. Even if I look like a worn out old hag. I know this.

So, shouldn’t I give him something worth coming home to?

Still not a super model, but, hey! contacts, a little paint, and some deodorant, and now I am looking a little more like the cute, young thing he married and less like a worn out mother of five who just wants a shower and a nap!

11 thoughts on “If You Need It, Dab It On!

  1. Yes, you are def not the only mom who finds themselves at 5pm getting freshened up before the man walks in the door….
    P.S. you look BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I’m a mother of one and I sometimes go days without brushing my hair and I often skip a day of showering. I do, however, always get dressed (or I just feel awful) and brush my teeth (I’m paranoid about losing them). Oh, I’m also carrying 20 extra lbs that appeared within weeks of weaning! Not so good for the self-esteem! 😦 B never complains though…
    PS What a pretty lady you are!

  3. Oh wow such a common thing every mother would have felt sometime or other…. So very touchingly articulated in this post…And you look grrrrrrrreat!!

  4. You clean up well! I often get caught up watching an old movie or I love Lucy or Leave it to Beaver (of course while knitting) and think to myself, “Those were the days!” When mom cooked dinner in her heels and a dress and met her man at the door with a kiss!” Although I always shower, I often put my jammies back on.

  5. I find myself trying to remember the last time I showered often. And I used to brush my teeth first thing everyday. Now it’s a PITA b/c the kids think that means it’s time to inspect the bathroom drawers. I find myself skipping that often too.

    At this *this week* I can say I look like a hag b/c I am building a nursing relationship on no sleep. 😉

    (Eventually, that excuse won’t work. But TODAY it does!)

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