Princess Crown – Free Knit Pattern

When thinking up ways to bless my little Princess for her sixth birthday, I came up with this nifty little crown. I thought that since she liked it so much, perhaps you know a little girl who would love it, too. Here you go:

Princess Crown

Yarn – worsted weight (I used Dream In Color Classy, Wisterious)

Needles – size 4

Gauge – 24 st to 4″, in St. st., although not terribly important. Look for a stiff-ish fabric so that the points stand up nicely.

Entire crown is worked in garter stitch – no purls.

Cast on 12, knit two rows.

Crown peak increase pattern

row 1 – k to last st, yo, k1

row 2 -k all stitches

repeat increase rows 1  & 2 four times more, to 17 st (if you want your peaks higher or lower, work inc rows more or fewer times)

Crown peak decrease rows

row 1 – k to last 4 st, k2tog, yo, k2tog

row 2 – k all stitches

repeat decrease rows  1 & 2 four more times (back to 12 st)

This makes one peak. Repeat crown increase set and crown decrease set to make enough peaks to encircle the head. Bind off and sew bind off edge to cast on edge. Block well.


I made a variation of peaks in the center, making the front of the crown a little higher:

Higher front peaks –

After knitting 3 peaks of the same size,

Repeat the increase rows for the third peak until there are 19 st on the needle

Decrease to 16 st

Increase to 21 st.

Decrease to 16 st

Increase to 19 st

Decrease to 12 st

Continue making uniform peaks 2 more times.