In Threes

Three things that I want to eat right now – chocolate ice cream, brownie, mocha cappucino (are you surprised?)

Three things that I have done and don’t ever want to do again – vomit, be single, potty-train a kid (shoot, that is coming up again), watch “Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest”

Three things online that make me laugh – HISHEAsk A NinjaJuggling Eric (especially the charts and graphs!)

Three things I am happy about right now – the sound of raindrops on the roof, the bread in the oven, the hot coffee in my cup

Three patterns in my queue that are waiting for the perfect yarn – Jarrett (for The Man), Whippoorwill (for me), Forest Nymph Capelet (for fun)

Three yarns in my stash that are waiting for the perfect pattern – Malabrigo Chunky in Black (chunky yarn + chunky body= not a flattering sweater. So, what else does one do with 8 skeins of this stuff?), Yarn Love’s Elizabeth Bennet in Celestial Rose (why did I buy this again?), Miss Priss in Mary Walker Phillips (dumb color name, beautiful color)

Three things I am resisting the urge to cast on this very minute – Vine Yoke Cardi, 198 Yards of HeavenPeacock Shawlette (in silk. sigh)

Three things I finished over the weekend –

Itty Bitty Hippo (way too cute),

Labyrinth (second sleeve syndrome hit hard. I overcame.),

Chloe Cardi

Tee hee – that brings me down to four! 🙂

One thing that would make this post way cooler – a stinkin’ camera! (I hate sand….)

5 thoughts on “In Threes

  1. Amazing progress.

    Say, as a fellow knitter for children, do you have any advice on a vest for a toddler boy?

    I have been all over Ravelry looking for a readily available pattern to knit for my two year old. Winter is coming and our house is c.o.l.d. I thought you might have some ideas? 🙂

  2. 8 sheins of chunky yarn, Mal no less = a super cozy blanket. That’s what I think I’d do. Not that I’ve ever knit an actual blanket before, but chunky knits up fast and you have a lot. (Ok, maybe “couch size” blanket, but still.) It will be squishy, and soft, and Mmmmmalabrigo. Yum.

    Love that sweater you finished!!

    For “boy” knitting, I like the “Wonderful Wallaby” by (I think) Cottage Creations. A really nice sweater, but I don’t think the pattern is free.

    My boy wants me to knit him a pair of thos mittens with a fold down fingertip section with little “fingerless” glove-fingers underneath (does that make sense??). I have yet to search Ravelry b/c I am not looking forward to trying to find the right “keyword”.

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