Enthusiastic Homeschool

I recently read this post by a wonderful homeschooling mom, Audaciter Matris. Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait.

Good, right? I mean, after homeschooling for four years, it is fun to remember the excitement that I once felt as a newbie. When my system was still in flux, when I wasn’t totally sold on this idea or that. When it was all fresh and unknown.

Going into my fifth year is interesting in a new way. I have finally found what works for us after trying different things for four years. I have tried so many methods, every year starting a new book or a new schedule. I have given up on most everything that I have tried. I figure that if I am bored teaching something after only a few weeks, then the kids must be barely surviving!

But, this year, I think that I have got it down. This year, I am doing what we did last year. For the first ┬átime, I am entering a school year with confidence. Last year, we tried out some things and they worked so well that we can repeat them this year. It is a cool thing to know what we are doing, to know that we will enjoy it. Amblesideonline.org is the main thing. We are on year four, and we love it this year as we have in years past. (Right now we are working our way through, “George Washington’s World” by Genieveve Foster. Awesome!)

Homeschooling is a journey, and I am sure that it will change again. Soon, the big kids and the little kids will have to be separated and I will be teaching two classes. As learning styles demand new methods or our lifestyle changes and takes us down new paths, we will adjust and continually search for what works for us.

But, for now, I am thankful to have found what works for us in this season, at this time. It isn’t as exciting or as thrilling as those first few years of daring and exploration, but rather, it is cozy and comfortable. For this year, anyway…