Opinion Overload

I am an opinionated person. Strongly opinionated. I know how everything should be done – from childbirth to breastfeeding to homeschooling. I know how to be a good wife. I know how to keep house. I know that you would sleep better at night if you had a bed like mine, and if you tried my coffee, you’d never go back to your old brand. I know this, I know that.

I know that I drive people crazy.

In recent years I have begun to realize that not everyone wants to know what I think. Not every pregnant woman needs to hear about my birth preferences. I don’t need to give parenting advice to every mom whose kid is acting out. And, as hard as it is, I do understand that not everyone would be happier with my favorite vacuum cleaner.

But, if only they could see my heart… I know why I am so outspoken. I know why I tell people what they should do.

I am so happy. I love the way my home is run. I am head-over-heals for my husband after almost twelve years. I am gloriously happy with my children’s behaviour, schooling and schedule. I revel in my fabulous birth experiences. I have found what works, and I am so happy.

You see, I just want to help. Hey, if it works for me, it should work for you! I am so amazingly happy, and I want to spread it around.

I am learning to hold my tongue. I am doing more listening and less talking. I am trying to be a good friend.

But, when I slip up and tell you that your kid needs more than a time-out, or that maybe your baby doesn’t need to nurse so often, or that Tide really is the best detergent, know that it is out of my desire to see you as happy as I am.

Because I really do love you and want the best for you. And, because I have opinion overload.

4 thoughts on “Opinion Overload

  1. This is a great post. I have the same problem and even though I probably disagree with you on a bunch of these things I tend to share my advice just as freely. Your post here is a good reminder that even when we disagree with the advice we are given that we need to remember that it is (normally) kindly meant even if it isn’t the best for us. I’m just glad that thanks to the internet we can share ideas and opinions and learn from everyone else. No one way works for any family, but if you don’t share your experiences then us poor first-time moms are stuck struggling through the world on our own and learning everything the hard way.

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