Kicking off the Year Right

This whole stash challenge is so fun! (So she says on day 2…)

The kids need new mittens? I’ve got just the bulky weight wool for that!

These are the Chunky Children’s Mittens (a free pattern) in Knit Picks Cadena Cranberry, Knit Picks WotA Bulky Galaxy, and Malabrigo Chunky Pink Frost.

And, I couldn’t have started this at a better time. Hubby just got his hours reduced at work, so even if I wanted to buy more yarn, I couldn’t! Financial wizardry is my other 2011 challenge!

So, how’s your year starting out?

3 thoughts on “Kicking off the Year Right

  1. Cute!! I *heart* making new mittens.

    Day 2 on my “maybe-I-should-knit-from-the-stash-this-year-but-am-too-afraid-to-make-it-official” found me knitting with a yarn I had previously never used – DIC Classy. I got a 3/4 skein off another Raveler a while back so I could “try” it.

    So…I *LOVE* it. It’s sqishy and soft and fluffy. And I just love it (did I say that already).

    Now I have to repress the impluse to buy enough for a sweater.

    • DIC Classy was wonderful – til I put it through the wash. 😦 It kinda got scratchier, I think. Next time I wash it, I am gonna treat it like hand wash and put it through a batch of Soak to see if that softens it up a bit. But, that sweater that I made with it is the one I wear the most. Besides loving the color and the pattern (Mondo Cable Cardi), it just feels hard wearing. I don’t wear my Madtosh sweater or my Debbie Bliss Grace sweater very often because they are so delicate. And – (caution, enabling ahead!) it took less than five skeins to make an over sized sweater! (I bought 7, but that is another story!)

  2. Oh! I probably would have bought 7 too! I am always afraid of not having enough yarn. 😉 Good to know about the 5 skeins. There are a couple of 5 skein lots for sale on ravelry for around $80 (yes, I looked, intensly).

    I was thinking of sending my hat through the wash to see what happens. I love the feel so much “as is” (and from your suggestions) I may just hand wash it.

    I liked the Mondo Cable Pullover pattern…..

    ::must stop eyeing yarn::

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