I mentioned recently that the hubby’s hours got cut this month. We got the first paycheck since the change and, OUCH, it hurt. Times are tough. It seems like they keep getting tougher. We cinch up our belts a bit, and then a little bit more. Then, just when we think we are as tight as we can get, we are forced to get even tighter.

This time, I was almost despondent. How are we going to make it? What else can we do without? The kids eat more and more and grow out of their clothes – we should be increasing our income at a time like this.

But, I held my tongue. I smiled at The Man. I said we could make it work. Even though I didn’t know how.

I try not to get too preachy on this blog. It is a knitting blog, after all, with occasional forays into homeschooling and large family life. But, I have to give credit where credit is due. God is our provider. And, he doesn’t give His children junk. When we have relied on Him, we have never been disappointed. He always comes through. And He comes through big.

First, we were given a bunch of food from Trader Joe’s. When we needed food He gave us what I would have bought myself. He not only gave, He gave good.

Then, Abby and I were able to get much needed shoes yesterday. Good shoes, better than the old shoes. Not just make-do shoes, but quality shoes. He not only provided, He provided good.

Why was I afraid? Why do I fret? When I have a Father God who has never let us go hungry, never made us do without, never left us desolate? God is our provider. There is none better.

Jehova Jirah, my Provider, His grace is sufficient for me.

End of sermon.

2 thoughts on “Provision

  1. You know, it’s so good to be reminded of that at times like these. We’re trying to sell our house, looking for a new one and worrying that we won’t be able to sell or that we’ll have to live in a dump after all we’ve put into this house.

    It’s the reminder I needed–God will provide, and not junk, either.

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