Weeping, Wailing, Wallowing and Whining

Okay, so it isn’t as bad as all that….

But, what would you be doing if your ball winder died?

So, the Knit Picks ball winder lasted me about one year. It has been groaning and clacking in protest for months. It got some pretty heavy use.

The Man (who would rather pay more once than pay less twice) has chastised me for getting a cheap one, pouring lemon juice on my open wound.

I won’t be replacing it anytime soon, but it makes me wonder two things –

1. What kind of ball winder do you have?

2. What ball winder would you have if money were no object?

Now, I am off to hand wind some lace weight…. Joy. (At least I have my swift. Oh, how I love my swift.)

7 thoughts on “Weeping, Wailing, Wallowing and Whining

  1. Oh, no! What a bummer (to say the least)!
    I have no idea what kind of ball winder I have… Hmmm… B got it and a swift for me as a gift on our last anniversary. I guess he was over holding wool while I wound it by hand. 😉
    I really like my swift, but I can see how the ball winder may not last forever. It’s plastic and occassionally makes some clicking noises. If I could get any ball winder, I’d look for something with as little plastic as possible, but I’ve honestly not looked into it all that much! *blushes*

  2. I have a KP ball winder as well and I mostly love it. I did have a really hard time winding an Ironstone yarn on it though. It may have had to do with the plastic spindle, but for now, I blame the yarn (I don’t want to anger the gods and gizmos that keep the ball winder working!) I’ve only had mine for a few months so I’m hoping for the best. As for other winders, I haven’t a clue. What’s your dream winder?

  3. I also have a KP winder and a KP swift. I haven’t looked into it too much. I was going to buy a winder at a LYS, but it was also plastic and cost $40 while the KP one was only $20. The swift was my birthday present to myself and I am sooooooo happy I bought it, but I am SURE there are better quality ones out there. I think I might like it better if I oiled it.
    The ball winder has just started “clicking” at me….I’ve had it for a year.

  4. Note to self, Shelly has a swift AND will eventually have a ball winder.

    I have neither … I make my children serve as my swift while I painstakingly hand ball it.


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