The Hardest Knit

This year I have done a lot of knitting. I have knit a man-sized sweater, I have knit cables and I have knit lace. I have even found some time to work on some complicated colorwork mittens.

But all of those were easy compared to this – the hardest knit this year so far:

Baby’s Bamboo Singlet in Knit Picks Risata, Buttermilk

See how hard that is? See all the entrelac? The cables, bobbles and twisted rib? The lacy yarn overs and the complicated stitch patterns? Me neither.

And yet, this one little top, which is newborn sized and used less than 190 yards of yarn, gave me so much stinking trouble! I didn’t like the pattern, so I started to wing it… but failed miserable and had to pull it out. Did I change my ways and follow the pattern after that? No, I did what I thought best… and again pulled it out.

I frogged this stupid little thing 5 times! Stockenette and Seed stitch proved too much for my pregnant brain, and converting it into a knit-in-the-round pattern about caused my head to explode.

So much for being a knitting genius.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am, however, I have decided to continue to torture myself and proceed to knit the other 4 tops that I have planned. Same pattern. Same modifications. Same yarn. Boring, and yet, somehow, the hardest knit so far this year. Weird, huh?

Knit Picks Risata, Buttermik, Waterslide, Woodland Sage, and Babydoll

4 thoughts on “The Hardest Knit

    • Ha! 🙂
      The yarn is really quite cool. I like it. It knits up a little nubbily (like that new word?) and is light and stretchy. And for cotton, it wasn’t bad to work with at all – I prefer wool but this will be a summer baby, so I had to compromise. It is cotton/merino/nylon. I had to go up a needle size to get gauge (totally weird for me – I usually have to go down one). I am thinking about summer attire with it… You know, someday when I can buy yarn again. 🙂

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